The perfect shampoo for a man – which one to choose?

The perfect shampoo for a man – which one to choose?
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How much time did you spend choosing the right shampoo? Did you try to adapt it to your hair type? Did you know that you may also need a shampoo if you have gone bald? Remember, your scalp needs extra care because it is more exposed to the elements. Find out how to choose the perfect shampoo!

How do shampoos work?

Shampoos clean and moisturise the hair while nourishing the scalp. Shampoos contain surfactants, which reduce the surface tension of oils so that water can mix with them and wash them away. If you didn’t use them, the water would simply be repelled by the oily dirt on your hair

Popular types of shampoo

Normal hair shampoo does not remove the natural oils from the strands and scalp. They usually have a gentle action. They will work well in 90% of cases. Manufacturers also offer shampoos for oily hair. They contain cleansing agents, which remove as much sebum as possible. If you have to wash your hair often, you should definitely try this product. On the other hand, the product may cause excessive dryness if you have a normal scalp.

Do you feel that your hair needs moisturising? Then reach for a shampoo for dry hair. Avoid it if you have normal hair. This type of shampoo may weigh your hair down and cause it to feel too heavy. Many brands also offer volumising shampoos. They usually contain glycerin, which helps your hair retain water and regulates the cuticle renewal process. If you use such products, remember to use a conditioner in addition

Also worth mentioning are anti-dandruff shampoos. They prevent itching and flaking. They help fight dandruff, which manifests itself in thick flakes and an irritated scalp. Before you apply them, make sure you actually have a dandruff problem. Otherwise, they may dry out your hair and scalp excessively. Use them every other day alternating with a good moisturizing shampoo.

Most shampoos can be used daily. While standing under the shower, apply a small amount to the palm of your hand. Now rub your hands together to distribute the product better. Massage it very gently into your hair and scalp with your fingertips. Finally, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

How to Choose the Right Shampoo for Your Hair Type

If you have fine hair, reach for a volumizing shampoo. This product helps to lift the fine strands. Do you have problems with excessive hair loss? Try a thickening shampoo that strengthens the strands and increases their volume. This helps to hide the signs of thinning hair.

Shampoos that enhance curliness are best for curly hair. Such formulations make styling easier. In addition, they protect against frizzy hair. You may also like to try a smoothing shampoo if you dream of straight strands. It leaves a light barrier that prevents your strands from absorbing moisture from the air, thus reducing the risk of frizz.

Do you have fine hair? Wondering which shampoo to choose? Reach for a sulfate-free formula that contains milder surfactants. It won’t damage weak hair. Remember that it usually does not lather as much as regular shampoo.

Reach for a Conditioner

Remember, a good shampoo is not everything. If you dream of beautiful, healthy, shiny hair, use a conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner is a great moisturiser for your hair and scalp. It also softens strands, adds gloss and prevents tangling. Modern conditioners, which are based on silicone or fatty alcohols, do not weigh down your hair too much

Moisturizing cosmetics contain ingredients, which help your hair retain moisture. Use them if your hair is dry, curly or coarse. If your hair is very dry, look for a conditioner that contains essential fatty acids.

Most conditioners can be used daily. Leave the conditioner on your hair for two minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm water. Many men find that their hair styles best the day after shampooing. A leave-in conditioner provides the same styling ease while allowing you to use shampoo daily.

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