Gym clothes for men – which one to choose?

Gym clothes for men – which one to choose?
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The gym is a place where men usually feel comfortable. However, in order to increase this comfort, it is worth investing in an appropriate outfit that will not hinder movement. We present the most important elements of the men’s gym outfit

Thermal T-shirt

Many people at the gym stick to cotton T-shirts. However, it is only good for urban styling. For the gym, it is better to choose a T-shirt that wicks moisture to the outside. They are made of polyamide, polypropylene or polyester. Thermal T-shirt provides us with ideal body temperature, without unnecessary overheating. In addition, such shirts are often seamless, which makes them very comfortable and does not restrict movement. They adhere well to the body, thanks to which they do not roll up. It is advisable to choose a t-shirt made of elastic material which fits the body well.


This is a very tight-fitting T-shirt with short or long sleeves. It is made of light and very breathable material. You will certainly not sweat in it, thanks to its great ventilation. Rashguard T-shirts are made of very resistant material, which does not wear out or tear. This will be an ideal T-shirt for combat sports, including boxing.

Shorts or shorts with an elastic waistband

Breathable shorts or shorts with an elastic waistband will also be very useful at the gym. They will ideally adapt to our body and will not hinder movement. Thanks to their wider legs, they will prove useful in various sports, including running. The shorts should have a light mesh underneath, so the material will not stick to our skin.

Hooded sweatshirt

A hooded sweatshirt will certainly be very useful, both in the unzipped version and the over-the-head one. On the way to the gym, it will surely replace a jacket, and after a workout, it will slightly warm up our body, which gets intensely chilled. Choose models made of organic cotton, which dry quickly and are very soft.

Gym shoes

Shoes for the gym should definitely match the sport we practice. Whatever model you choose, make sure that the shoes have a flexible and soft sole, and that they will protect your ankles. For gym exercises, if we choose mixed trainings, including weightlifting, it is worth choosing sports shoes, which will be both very light, so that we can run in them on a treadmill as a warm-up, but also will protect our ankles during spinning and will be characterized by a stable construction. Ventilators in the form of light mesh on the sides are also essential, which will provide us with optimal ventilation. It is best to choose something between a fairly thick and stable, but also flexible sole, with a slightly higher heel counter and sides that will protect our ankles. There are special models exclusively for the gym that will combine all these features

Seamless underwear

A very important element of gym attire is seamless underwear. It is both lightweight and breathable, and thanks to seamless joints, it significantly minimizes the risk of chafing. Seamless underwear can include cotton boxers as well as briefs and undershirts. Undershirts will work well under a hoodie on slightly cooler days. It’s also worth investing in super breathable footies that will go great with our sports shoes. Seamless underwear will be perfect if it contains bamboo fibre or organic cotton.

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