Classic hairstyles for the office – check out our 3 suggestions

Classic hairstyles for the office – check out our 3 suggestions
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When it comes to office outfits, including men’s, it is not difficult to make a fashion faux pas. It is therefore a good idea to know the typical office dress code and to stick to it when choosing your clothes. We like to give you our top tips on 3 examples of styles to wear to work.

Smart casual in the summer version

Looking smart and professional does not have to be uncomfortable. The perfect combination of comfort and class is smart casual. This is not a typically formal style, which is why it is perfect for everyday wear. It is non-accidental elegance with a slightly sporty character. What exactly can you wear, moving in this style? First of all, sporty jackets and fabric pants without an edge. These will replace the traditional suit, giving your outfit some freshness

Beige, black or grey are best for chinos. If you already have pants in these colors, you may also consider buying some in less standard but still subdued colors. As far as the color of the jacket is concerned, it is best to choose one made of linen or cotton in natural colors and shades of gray. You may also choose a checked model.

What to wear under the jacket? You can bet on a classic shirt, which is synonymous with masculine elegance. Remember that you should have at least 5 of them – one for each day at work. Choose traditional, linen or cotton ones, preferably white or light blue. Complement your outfit with leather shoes. Oxford, derby, brogues and even moccasins are perfect choices. Find the perfect office shoes at

Smart casual in winter

The semi-formal style also works well when the temperature outside drops a little. However, it does require a few small changes. First of all, replace your summer jacket with a tweed one, preferably in dark colors such as black, navy blue or grey. As far as what to wear under the jacket is concerned, you may replace the traditional shirt with a sweater. However, it cannot be any men’s sweater – after all, in addition to comfort, we want elegance. The best choice will be fitted, thin models, especially turtlenecks or sweaters with a heart neckline. Remember that ‘less is more’ when it comes to business attire, so choose a sweater in a subtle and unobtrusive color, such as shades of gray. When it comes to shoes, you can keep the classic leather shoes from the summer smart casual variant or replace them with elegant boots, preferably in black or dark brown.

The business style classic: the suit

Some companies have their own dress code, which requires employees to dress more formally. In this case, you will also need a suit. However, what suit should you choose for work and what accessories should you match with it? First of all, your closet should include at least two models – grey and dark blue. These two shades are absolute classics when it comes to styling for the office

Remember also that in order to look elegant and chic, your suit should be ideally tailored and fitted – the era of wide legs and oversized jackets is, fortunately, over. A blue or white shirt with a collar is the perfect complement to a dark base. Match it with leather shoes and a belt, preferably in the same color. A tie is also important. When it comes to office styling, the best choice will be a thin model in blue or navy shades

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