Buying a razor – what to look for?

Buying a razor – what to look for?
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Shaver, or popular men’s shaver, is one of the basic equipment in the cabinet of a man who cares about his beard. What should characterize it? What parameters should be taken care of? We suggest some beneficial solutions.

Shaving razor: What do we value it for?

Electric male shavers are, first of all, very useful equipment that allows you to significantly reduce the time of beard care. In addition, here we can count on high precision shaving and the ability to perfectly adjust the technique to the shape of the face

Electric shaver vs. traditional razor

Traditional razors, which replaced the razor blades, are increasingly being replaced by electric razors. Why is this happening? Well, the electric option is cheaper overall – considering the long-term use. Plus, it provides a close shave without the skin irritation that often accompanies the use of traditional razors

What types of men’s shavers to choose from

The main types of men’s shavers that we can find on the market are:

Head razors

This type of equipment consists of several clusters of blades. Each head is equipped with a cover that provides the right distance from our skin. This type of razor is valued for its precision. Unfortunately, you usually have to pay a bit more for it. Especially models with three or four heads are recommended.

Foil shavers

Their tip is elongated, it is used to press against the skin. Holes are placed in the foil at different angles, which allow you to trim the hairs, which, after all, always grow at a slightly different angle. For a close shave, triple foil razors are recommended.

What about the power supply?

Without a doubt, also the way the razor is powered is of great importance for the convenience of its use. We can choose from:

  • mains razors – they work when they are plugged into an outlet. Although we usually don’t have a problem with the power source, but this type of shaver can be much less handy. The advantage, however, is the lower price;
  • cordless shavers – such equipment allows unrestricted freedom of movement, but you must always make sure that it is charged. Also important is the appropriate capacity of the battery and, above all, its charging time. It is obvious that the shorter the better. Unfortunately, we will pay the most for the most functional ones
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Does a men’s razor need to be waterproof?

Water resistance is another important parameter: it makes it safe to shave in the shower, for instance. In practice, it’s also easier to clean the equipment. To sum up: we save a lot of our time thanks to this solution. It’s also very useful to take care of such equipment, which will also allow for wet shaving

What else to look for?

Luckily, the range of electric shavers on the market is getting richer every year. We can find here both head models (rotary) and with a cutting foil. What else can make an electric shaver more appealing?

Beard type

First of all, an electric razor should be chosen according to your beard type. Not in every case a head model will be better, although this is usually the case.

The shape of the device

Ergonomics of use is also in this case quite individual. A good razor is one that “lies” in the hand. On the market we meet with smaller or larger copies, with a more or less contoured shape

Additional features – what can they be?

Today’s razors are increasingly equipped with additional functions. One of the basic ones would be a trimmer for precise beard adjustment. Of course, indicators for battery charge or blade wear are also useful. A system that allows quick charging is also a very big convenience.

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