Sunglasses for men – how to choose the best?

Sunglasses for men – how to choose the best?
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Men’s sunglasses are an interesting complement to the styling, but should also well fit the shape of the male face. Contrary to appearances, also men have a problem with choosing the right glasses. Today we will show you how to choose the right glasses for your face.

Eye protection

The shape of the frame and the color of the lenses is very important as a decoration of the face and a styling accessory also for men. In addition, eyeglasses should protect sensitive eyes from UV rays. Cheap sunglasses from the supermarket or beach stores are unfortunately only a poor facial decoration, often without any protective filters. And it is worth preparing properly for the sun, because the consequences of not using such protection include conjunctival diseases, cataracts or macular degeneration. To effectively protect them, such glasses should have a UV 400 filter. It will provide full retinal protection and absorb 100% of the sun’s harmful radiation. How to check it? Good glasses have clear markings confirming that the lenses meet certain standards.

Photo: Brooke Cagle/Unsplash

Fit to the shape of your face

Everyone’s face shape differs, so men’s sunglasses should be matched to your distinctive features. Many details that we forget about every day can make a particular pair of glasses not fit, even hairstyle and beard can visually change the shape of the face. Today to the process of matching accessories we should also take into account the mask, which can also optically change the final image. Do not forget that the size of glasses should be proportional to the size of the face.

Square face

For such a face shape choose sunglasses with rounded, slightly curved frames, such as the so-called “D-frames”. It is better to avoid strongly accentuated glasses with sharpened lenon edges (they will not be the best choice). If you want to bet on classics, it is worth to be interested in aviators. For this type of face usually the simplest models work best, without embellishments.

Oval face

For such a face basically all types of sunglasses fit. Men with an oval face can safely wear lenonks, but also aviators.

Round face

Square shaped sunglasses are the best choice. You can also bet for example on the traditional wayfarer glasses known from the movie screen. Here a general, very simple rule emerges: for a square face oval types, for an oval face – square.

Rectangular face

Usually this shape is similar to the oval, unfortunately, this one is governed by different laws. Having a rectangular shape, you can not choose sunglasses that will protrude beyond the widest point of the face. This does not mean, however, that you have to choose small sizes, on the contrary, the glasses should be larger to emphasize the masculine facial features. Aviators or square glasses without sharp edges work great.

Triangular face

With this type of face we strongly advise against choosing small glasses, which will draw attention away from the eyes. D-frames or any rounded models will work best.

Main photo: Andrea Piaxquadio/Pexels

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