How to style a beard? We tell you how!

How to style a beard? We tell you how!
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An impressive and well-groomed beard is one of the attributes of a real man. However, it is not easy to take care of it without the help of a professional barber. What should I consider when styling a man’s beard?

Is styling a beard difficult?

At first it can be a bit tricky – after all, no one is as skilled as a professional barber. In reality, however, it gets easier and easier to do as time goes by. You have to be prepared for the fact that the range of beard care products you own will increase. It is also essential to buy good quality equipment such as a shaver, scissors and a beard trimmer

Why style a beard?

In a way, the arguments for taking care of the beard were already presented in the introduction. However, it is worth noting that the right beard styling can dramatically change the way a man’s silhouette looks. This is something to keep in mind right from the time you plan on styling your beard

How much time do we need?

A lot depends on what condition your beard is in at the moment. It is assumed that it takes about a month to grow a beard from scratch. After this time, you can start trimming it and taking care of it so that it looks exceptionally good

What shape should I give the beard?

Two things are important here: personal preference and what shape of face you have and how your beard looks. If the beard is thin and not very impressive, you should not grow it too much because it does not look good. Sometimes, however, you can use cosmetics to accelerate the growth of beard hair. It is also important to visually match the style and length of the beard to the way the hair on your head looks.

Step by step beard styling with a trimmer. How to do it?

The tool that will help us constantly maintain the right shape of the beard is, of course, the trimmer. Before you start trimming your beard, you should take proper care of your hygiene. The beard should be previously washed and thoroughly dried. How to trim the beard step by step?

  1. The first step in trimming the beard is a gradual shortening of the length. Start with a longer cap and move to a shorter one to avoid nicks and cuts. Start from the neck upwards
  2. The shorter attachment allows for more precise work with the beard. It also allows you to properly trim the sideburns and moustache. The last part of the beard must be trimmed in such a way that it does not reach beyond the lip line
  3. After removing the cap from the shaver we can take care of the superfluous beard on the cheeks
  4. After trimming the beard, we should take care of the health of our beard – this is the right time to apply beard care products. The beard and mustache must be combed thoroughly. Then beard oil is rubbed into them. This cosmetic has a double effect: It moisturizes not only the hair but also the face. It also makes the hair more manageable. Sometimes it may be useful to use a pomade.

What about a particularly long beard?

In this case, we have more work to do to keep the beard in shape. You’ll also have to learn how to use a pair of scissors, which are especially important for a long beard.

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