How to choose the perfect tie for a suit?

How to choose the perfect tie for a suit?
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What is the ideal tie for a man? There are different types of ties to choose from that will complement your outfit, your style and the occasion. What should I look for?

Men’s ties and their types

What’s the difference between one tie and another? We can distinguish between different types of ties:


A tie is one of the most popular accessories for men’s clothing. Although it’s primarily associated with formal and business attire, a lot depends on the material it’s sewn from. We mainly distinguish between men’s silk ties and ties made of artificial materials. The former are considered to be synonymous with elegance and good taste, while artificial materials are cheaper and easier to clean


The tie has been known in Europe for more than 300 years. In all that time, nothing seems to have changed as often as its popular cut. The first examples were extremely short. This was because they wore their pants much higher back then than today. Therefore, ties could be rather short and bulky. What styles are available today?

  • Thin disco-style ties that measure from 5 to 7 cm at their widest point;
  • ties that are considered the perfect match for a jacket measure from 8 to 8.5 cm;
  • it must be remembered, however, that the width of the tie must be matched to the width of the jacket’s lapel. For wide lapels, a wider tie may be worn, and for narrower ones, the popular “herringbone”. Interestingly, the body shape of the individual in question also plays a role. Someone who is bulky will look better in a wider tie. At the same time, narrow ties are best suited to very slim men

The look

What kind of pattern can a tie have? In this case, we can talk about several standard examples and non-standard pieces. As a rule, we distinguish between

  • solid ties – the most versatile are those in dark blue and burgundy; they look great with a variety of outfits and are recommended for those who are just beginning to create their own tie collection;
  • striped ties – especially recommended for work, as those with thin stripes are the most formal;
  • polka dot ties and ties with small details – also quite versatile, but never worn when the rest of the outfit features the same pattern;
  • knitted ties – for everyday wear at work;
  • occasional ties – usually with a funny motif or fanciful tie (e.g. with your favorite superhero or movie reference); definitely informal and intended for occasions where good humor is in high demand.

Popular and trendy ties. How do I match them with the rest of my outfit?

The best way to find your way around a suit and tie is to avoid any extremes. So let’s put aside ties that are extremely narrow or wide. It’s also a good idea

  • matching narrow ties with modern suits;
  • choose ties darker than your shirt;
  • choose brighter colors when you want to liven up your outfit;
  • opt for ties made of good quality material – although it is a detail, a poor quality tie is very noticeable against an elegant suit;
  • if the suit and tie are patterned, match them with a plain shirt.

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