Which trimmer to choose? We give you a hint!

Which trimmer to choose? We give you a hint!
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A men’s beard trimmer is a device that helps us conjure up the right beard. Since precision is very important here, it is worth choosing good quality models. What parameters should we pay attention to when buying a facial trimmer?

What are the benefits of buying a trimmer?

How will a trimmer help us? In recent years there has undoubtedly been a true renaissance of facial hair in men’s fashion. The somewhat unkempt ”lumberjack beard” is not the only type of beard that is on trend. For many other styles the precision of a trimmer comes in handy. We can use it in the comfort of our own bathroom, in any way we like and without costly visits to the barber

Beard trimmer: how does a precision beard trimmer work?

How does the beard trimmer work? The secret of the operation of such a device is the ability to precisely adjust the length of the cut. This allows you to cut the beard in several lengths – you do not have to remove it all, but you can model it in an interesting, sometimes even fancy way.

What’s the difference between a beard trimmer and a razor or a clipper?

First of all, the trimmer is characterized by precision and the ability to adjust the length of the cut. Of these devices, the least versatile is the electric razor, which is designed to remove hair close to the skin. A clipper, on the other hand, is a piece of equipment for trimming the beard to a specific length, has interchangeable attachments and a much wider spacing than a trimmer.

Facial trimmer or multi-purpose trimmer – which will be better?

There are various devices offered on the market – a face trimmer is one of the more specialized ones. You can also bet on the so-called universal trimmer, which can handle not only facial hair, but also hair in the nose, ears and all over the body. Which is the better option?

  • a facial (beard) trimmer is a device that, as a rule, is equipped with a narrower and more precise blade. It has to be built this way, because its purpose is to perform very precise styling;
  • universal trimmers are characterized by a large variety of tips that should be included in the set; if a large range of modeling of the length of the haircut is possible, then just such a device can be a very good choice. Unfortunately, the universal model is usually more expensive than a facial trimmer.

Men’s trimmer and its key parameters

What to pay attention to when choosing a male trimmer? Such a device should have:

  • a very precise length adjustment: it is best if it is an adjustment range with an accuracy of 0.5 mm. Also pay attention to the fact that the adjustment mechanism (knob, slider, attachments) is functional and seems to be reliable,
  • the blade with a self-sharpening system, which affects the functionality and makes the male trimmer not conducive to cuts on the skin,
  • convenient power supply: we can meet with devices connected to the mains, powered by batteries or rechargeable battery,
  • waterproof: we will appreciate this feature when we use the trimmer in the bathroom. We will not be afraid of accidental flooding and, on the contrary, we will be able to clean the device under a stream of running water,
  • additional features: laser or display can be helpful, but they are not indispensable for the trimmer to function properly

What else to keep in mind?

We need to realize that a trimmer is primarily a beard shaping device. Using it for a complete shave will definitely not be convenient. Removing hairs longer than 5 cm can contribute to a shorter lifespan of such equipment. So it’s a good idea to have it in your bathroom not as an alternative, but as a perfect complement to your razor and hair clippers.

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