How do I treat my face after shaving?

How do I treat my face after shaving?
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Proper facial care after shaving is extremely important. It allows you to properly moisturize the skin, accelerates its regeneration and protects against irritation. So what treatments are worth performing? What should you pay attention to? Read the article to get the most important information

Washing and drying

Removing shaving residue from your face is both basic and important. So make sure you wash away any lather and residual hairs right after you’re done. You’ll also want to dry your skin thoroughly with a soft towel before proceeding with the next step. And if you see any sores or cuts on your face, use paper towels to make sure you don’t transfer any bacteria.


Speaking of wounds, it’s time to mention potassium alum, a mineral that has aseptic and astringent properties. Its popularity in use after shaving is due to its ability to stop bleeding from small cuts. Additionally, it does not clog pores, is antibacterial and extremely efficient. Currently on the market you can find alum in the form of a bar or stick. If you shave a lot, this is a real must-have in your bathroom.

After-shave water/balm

It’s not uncommon for skin to feel irritated and stretched right after shaving, with pores opening up (from pulling on hairs). So you need to start the process of its regeneration. The basic and most commonly used in this area of cosmetics is aftershave water, which has an action:

  • disinfecting,
  • refreshing,
  • antibacterial,
  • soothing irritation.

It should be borne in mind, however, that in this type of product there is a very high concentration of alcohol, so in the case of dry, very sensitive skin it is better to reach for the aftershave balm. This is a gentle product that supports the process of epidermal regeneration, and in addition:

  • accelerates healing,
  • soothes and calms,
  • prevents irritation,
  • firms and firms the skin

Moisturizing cream

The next step in facial care is to apply a moisturizing cream. If you use a lotion that contains moisturizers, you can skip this step. If you’re using an aftershave, be sure to include it.

Adequately hydrating your skin after the alcohol treatment will not only soothe it, but also affect the rate of regeneration, reduce the pain of irritation, and improve its appearance – it will be softer and more elastic

Opt for cosmetics, which in its composition contain aloe, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin.


Although talcum powder remains a rather unpopular cosmetic, it is good to have it in your cosmetic bag. Why? Because it absorbs excess moisture, prevents the growth of bacteria and mattifies the skin. Its application is trivial and it does not require rinsing. It is a preparation that is definitely worth giving a chance

Proper aftershave facial care doesn’t take much time, so use it every day to always enjoy healthy, touchable skin.

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