Fashionable men’s jackets for autumn 2022

Fashionable men’s jackets for autumn 2022
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Fashionable men’s jackets for autumn 2022 once again prove that the modern men’s closet is not inferior to the women’s closet in terms of diversity. See what fall jackets will be a hit this fall!

Denim jackets

Blue denim has again gained popularity among fashion houses and buyers alike. Denim jackets have already won the hearts of men in 2017 and do not lose their place of honor in their closets. This season, choose the simplest denim jackets – without unnecessary patches and embellishments. Of the colors, the best will be classic shades of blue, although if you like to draw attention to yourself, you can consider strong colors. With the arrival of cooler weather, you do not have to give up your denim jacket. You can wear insulated models paired with a sweater or turtleneck all season long!

Shirt jackets

Is it getting colder on the street? This is not yet a reason to give up your favorite shirts! You can replace the classic flannel or cotton shirt with an insulated model. Outerwear shirts are similar to jackets, and that’s how you should wear it – over sweaters and sweatshirts. One of the most popular models is an insulated plaid shirt in various shades. If you want something simpler, we suggest shirts in shades of brown and beige. 

Leather jackets

What to pay attention to when looking at leather models? The list of the freshest trends includes not only leather jackets, but also coats, bombers and pilots. All these models will look great in black, but also in more interesting shades – caramel, mustard, gray and chocolate. We can not leave out coats at this point. The leather trench will soon be able to claim the title of a new classic. If you don’t want to duplicate the iconic grunge look straight out of “The Matrix,” choose a model in a color other than black, or at least avoid monochromatic styling.

Bomber jackets

In the maze of various models, both supporters of the classics and gentlemen who like to draw attention to themselves will easily find something for themselves. The former should look at dark-colored, zippered bomber jackets, which can successfully replace a jacket or a traditional jacket. The latter are practically uninhibited in their choice – all possible shades and patterns are in vogue, from checks to floral and animal motifs. Striking fabrics, such as suede or leather, are also in play.

Quilted jackets

Quilted models are already a warm closet classic. You appreciate them for their comfort and durability, and – of course – for warmth! Among quilted jackets, oversize models in juicy, strong colors play the first fiddle this season. 


When it gets really cold, take a look at men’s parkas. With their length and volume, parkas can compete with the warmest winter jacket, and look interesting at the same time. Parkas will also be a lifesaver for those who are used to active leisure or long walks. Popular sports-style models are already classics, but not the only option. Today you will also easily find a model that will coordinate with office or output styling.

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