What do men’s hats go with?

What do men’s hats go with?
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Men’s hat is a forgotten item of clothing, although very wrongly. This accessory will enhance any outfit, whether you are closer to sporty comfort, casual nonchalance or eccentric bohemian. We’re not just talking about the popular beanie or classic baseball cap, which most men no doubt have in their closet. Time to expand your headwear repertoire!

Not just for cowboys

Open yourself up to new possibilities. The cowboy hat doesn’t just have to be associated with herding cows on an American ranch. With the right styling, the cowboy hat can also be worn by the urbanite and, instead of being a symbol of kitsch, it can complete your look. The most important thing to remember is not to overdo it when it comes to Wild West inspiration. If you decide on a cowboy hat, skip the cowboy boots or the leather belt with a large buckle. Leave the fringed shirts and jackets for another occasion. The cowboy hat is such an interesting accessory that it does not need much more to make your outfit unique. Instead of cowboy boots, opt for leather ankle boots and the best way to complete your look is with a button-down denim shirt.

Classics also in summer

The fedora needs no introduction for any elegant man. It is definitely an iconic headgear that will be a great way to introduce into men’s hats. There is no doubt that you will find this hat useful sooner or later. This is because it complements elegant styling perfectly. When you dress up a suit and put a fedora on your head, you get a bit of nonchalant charm in addition to the undeniable chic. Keep in mind that it is a great idea to play with contrasts when choosing a fedora to go with a suit. It is the hat that complements your outfit, not the other way around. If you happen to leave the house wearing jeans and a shirt… Try on a fedora before you go out and see how you look. It fits, right? That’s the magic of the fedora.

Elegant madness

While admiring the fedora, you can’t forget about a very similar model. Trilby hats are very similar to fedoras and at first glance, you might mistake them for each other. However, they have a smaller brim and are made of linen – just the perfect material for summer. It is exactly with linen clothes that you should compose it. When warm days come, linen shirt will become your best friend. Match it with bermudas in an elegant style and put a trilby hat on your head. There’s no doubt that you will look impeccable and your outfit will be very practical as well. Choose warm colors, such as beiges or browns. This is just one of the possibilities. Do you find similar outfits boring and your everyday outfits have more color in them? There is nothing stopping you from combining the trilby hat with Hawaiian shirts, which are only gaining popularity, and jeans. What’s more, this hat will make a perfect duo even with flip flops.

Take the time to appreciate the appeal of a helmet

The helmet is a very graceful accessory that can be matched not only with your favorite jeans but also with a formal suit. It will add an original touch to any outfit, regardless of the season. In summer, opting for linen and cotton cloaks, opt for a checked shirt and beige pants. In the winter, wool and tweed will look great with a cardigan, turtleneck sweater or long coat

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