Experience travel – a new trend in Polish tourism?

Experience travel – a new trend in Polish tourism?
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Lying for hours on the beach is boring for you? You are not interested in all-inclusive vacations in a luxury hotel? Adventure, long hours spent traversing mountain trails, extreme sports, wind in your hair, etc. – If this is what you like, it’s time to familiarize yourself with experience travel. What is it? Check it out.

What is experience travel?

Recently, travel agencies have noticed that there are more and more clients who are fed up with boredom and monotony of everyday life. Looking for a break from work and home duties, they want to gain new experiences, discover, great sensations, extreme emotions, and entertainment. And so a new trend in Polish tourism was born.

Experience travel is a collective term that we use for trips whose main objective is to practice various types of activities. What kind of activities can these be? Well, the most popular are:

  • extreme sports,
  • water and air sports,
  • quad bike tours,
  • survival,
  • artistic activities,
  • yoga and meditation,
  • exploring the local culture,
  • gourmet tours.

Organized or individual trip?

You may think that many of these things can be easily organized on your own and you do not need the help of a travel agency. Yes, but the individual approach to organizing experience travel has its drawbacks. First of all, you have to organize tickets, means of transport, check the opening hours of a given place, make reservations, buy tickets, etc. by yourself. Therefore, if you have neither the time, nor the desire, nor the ability to deal with such formalities, resign from the trip on your own. Then it is better to hand over the organization of your experience travel adventure to a professional travel agency. Of course, you will have to pay a little more for this convenience, but it is the best option for those who cannot or do not want to deal with the organisation of the trip on their own

Is experience travel safe?

Trips in the form of experience travel are certainly more prone to unforeseen complications than a quiet stay by the hotel pool. It is therefore recommended that you take out an appropriate insurance policy. You can determine its scope and value by analyzing travel insurance forms on rankomat.pl. It is worth taking out a travel insurance policy that includes

  • covering the costs of on-the-spot medical rescue services;
  • coverage of hospital treatment costs, including all treatments and surgeries;
  • personal accident insurance (NNW) that will ensure payment of compensation for damage caused by an accident;
  • Assistance for guaranteeing quick help in a crisis situation;
  • Third Party Liability in private life, should you unintentionally cause damage to a third party.

So if you are fed up with boredom, take a look at experience travel offers and choose the best option for your life adventure. However, remember to buy good insurance before you leave – for your and others’ comfort and safety.

Main photo: Jason Hogan/unsplash.com

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