Separation can be difficult. How do you end a relationship with class?

Separation can be difficult. How do you end a relationship with class?
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Separations are always difficult – also for a man. We need to be able to behave in such a situation in accordance with our own will, without false hope and procrastination, but also without hurting the other person. We owe her sincerity, but also good treatment – after all, we spent a certain stage of our lives with her, in which there were certainly some nice moments. Here are some tips to help you through this difficult time.

A classy breakup, that is? Is it possible to break up with a good relationship?

It is worth starting with the fact that a breakup is never a comfortable moment in the life of two people who until recently had a lot in common. So it will not be nice and you need to prepare for it

A breakup worthy of a real man

It is especially about parting without nerves, arguments and quarrels. There is no need to give vent to your emotions in a childish way. Couples who have broken up in an atmosphere of mutual accusation and anger often regret the way their relationship ended. Our decision may hurt the other person, but that doesn’t excuse us from showing empathy and understanding their plight

What ways of breaking up are absolutely out of the question?

We live in a time when many relationships between people become very dynamic. Relationships, even long-term ones, are sometimes started through the use of dating apps. However, while starting a relationship on one of them is nothing strange or bad, ending a relationship in any other way than in person is a terrible solution.

Why not break up via text message?

Certainly, writing a short text message is easier than facing someone face to face, but we owe it to our partner to show respect. This way of breaking up is completely devoid of it. It’s also a bad idea to end a relationship over the phone. The most you can do is to tell your partner what makes you want to have a serious talk and present the prospects of continuing the relationship

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Don’t act on impulse

Even when you’ve made the decision to have a serious conversation with your partner, you shouldn’t act on impulse. It’s a good idea to wait a little while between the appointment and the meeting. This will give you time to reconsider whether you are absolutely sure of your position.

The conversation pattern

It will be easier to break up with your partner if you have a conversation plan in place. We know well the person with whom we will come to talk and we can expect how she will react. In addition, we owe it to her to at least briefly explain our position. If she asks, you should be ready to share your vision of what broke the relationship down.

No need to prolong

Empathy should not be confused with being insincere. So if we are sure that the relationship has no future, we need to make that clear. Statements like “I’m not ready for a relationship” or “nothing will come of it at this point” are dishonest because they give the other party false hope. Better is the bitter truth, which will cause pain, but from which it will be easier to recover in order to be able to create a happy relationship again

The right time and place

The conversation during which you want to end the relationship does not have to be long. However, you will need to make sure that it takes place at the right time and place. The circumstances need to be right so that you can talk freely. It is also important that you don’t give someone time to react to you in passing

Assertiveness is very important

We might as well become the object of blackmail. It happens that people are even able to defend themselves against a breakup with threats. Such a person needs to be reassured and cared for if necessary, but this must not affect the final decision. This one should be based solely on agreement with one’s conscience.

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