7 rules for a happy relationship

7 rules for a happy relationship
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It is impossible to live a happy life by the side of another person without putting in some effort. What does it take to create a happy relationship? Read on!


A relationship in which one party tries to play first fiddle, commanding and pressuring his partner, will never bring happiness. If at a young age you can still turn a blind eye to this, a mature person is unlikely to accept such treatment. One of you may earn more, one of you may put more energy into raising children or taking care of your parents, but that’s still no reason to feel superior because of it. Equality is one of the main secrets of happy, harmonious relationships.

Mutual respect

An atmosphere of trust and mutual understanding always makes partners in a relationship happy. Don’t waste time with suspicions and doubts. Leave more room in your life for love, gentleness and passion. What could be better than the certainty that your beloved will always understand you, support you and never betray you? Suspicion destroys a relationship, while trust allows it to flourish and fill every day of your lives with happiness.


The killer of a relationship is not only routine, but also constant resentment. If partners too often give evidence of disrespect towards each other or harbor unspoken resentments, sooner or later their love will fizzle out. And talking calmly and avoiding reproaches help keep the relationship warm and mutually caring. Moreover, by giving up rudeness and excessive selfishness, partners can look at each other from a different angle and even fall in love with each other again.


This is one of the main secrets of long happy relationships. Unfortunately, many partners begin to think that after many years have passed, touch and embraces are no longer necessary. The on-duty goodnight kiss becomes, over time, perhaps the only manifestation of tenderness. This is a big mistake, because it is the frequent touch that prevents partners from becoming unaccustomed to the need for closeness.

Shared interests

A common passion always brings people closer. How endearing are couples who, despite the passage of many years, try to stay together as often as possible and look for an activity that they both enjoy. One can be really proud of such a relationship. And it doesn’t matter what this shared passion is: practicing extreme sports or tending a garden.


The ability to appreciate what is, and express gratitude for the goodness, love and years spent together helps to maintain harmony in the relationship. As the years go by, partners get so used to each other that they stop understanding how valuable the relationship between them is. 

Here and now

In order for the feeling in a relationship to last, it is necessary to forget the past and instead live in the here and now. Memories, regrets, illusions cast a shadow over your love (and life!) and make you constantly look back, making you not see what is happening now.

Everything is changing…

Remember that a relationship evolves over time. Even if you need your partner like air now, it doesn’t mean it will be like that for life. Passion has to dim, which does not mean that over time it will disappear from your life altogether. Partners must learn to embrace change, adapt to it, and even grow up with it.

main photo: unsplash.com/Kelly Sikkema

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