How to play paintball? Beginner’s guide

How to play paintball? Beginner’s guide
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Playing paintball is very interesting, especially if we will play among a group of friends. With the right tactics and interesting tasks, such as taking over a flag or a bunker, the fun can be even better. Here are some tips for beginners to play paintball safely as well

Choose the right outfit

Try to choose an outfit that is comfortable. It is best to choose several layers of clothes under our suit because when you get hit by a ball, it can hurt. So it’s a good idea to put on special thermal leggings, and over them sweatpants that won’t restrict movement. Put a T-shirt and a sweatshirt or fleece sweatshirt on top. Most bullets can be received in the torso, so make sure the sweatshirt is thick enough to stop the bullets aimed at you and reduce possible bruises. Shoes are also important. Not everyone has to have tactical military shoes. Waterproof, laced trappers will suffice, with an appropriate sole, which will also behave well on wet leaves. Thanks to them, we will be able to run without worrying that we will slip and fall.

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Choose places to hide

When you play paintball, you need to choose a tactic that will help you win. The aim of the game is to shoot down as many opponents as possible, so it is good to choose a place to hide. There are many elements scattered around the paintball field that you can easily hide behind. There are also trees and bushes, which are great hiding places. Try to run to them as quickly as possible, so you can more easily reach a person from the enemy team. You can also try to crawl to the next base, so that people from the opposing team could not notice us. While walking between items, we can be spotted. That’s why it’s a good idea to do it quickly so that the person on the opposite team has a hard time aiming at us. When we are already hidden, we can start shooting. At the beginning it is best to try to hit the people closest to us. Only when we gain experience, we can aim a little further

The right tactics

If the game is about reaching the base of enemies as quickly as possible with the least amount of “damage”, then the best tactics will be effective hiding and running to the next hiding places as quickly as possible. Some games involve capturing an enemy flag. It’s best to set up a tactic where the fastest person on your team tries to capture the flag, and we’ll be tasked with covering them. Before the game, it’s also a good idea to establish some rules of the game, so that each participant knows how many hits they can take to stay in the game and how they are scored.

Safety measures

Apart from having fun, safety measures are much more important. An instructor always prepares us for the game. He will show us how to put on a protective suit and a helmet with goggles. He also explains how to move around the field, so as not to hurt yourself. During the game, you should be very careful with less experienced people. We cannot aim at someone who is less than 2-2.5 meters away from us, because paintballs can also hurt us and cause not only great pain, but also dangerous injuries. Also, we cannot aim at our head or take off our helmet or goggles during the game. Only after we leave the field can we remove our helmet. Our departure from the field and removal of the helmet must be properly signaled, so as not to be accidentally hit. Before the game it is necessary to establish a password or a sound signal, which will inform the participants about the pause in the game. This way, if someone feels bad, they will be able to leave the field without any problems.

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