Bouldering – a beginner’s guide

Bouldering – a beginner’s guide
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Probably not everyone knows what bouldering is. This form of climbing gives a lot of satisfaction and allows you to strengthen your muscles. In this article we will present a bouldering guide for beginners.

Bouldering – what is it?

Everyone has some association with climbing, but not necessarily with bouldering. In practice, the latter term is a subcategory of the former. Bouldering is also about reaching successive heights. It is important, however, that firstly, it is done without the help of a belay (except for specially adapted mattresses to mitigate possible falls)

Secondly, bouldering is a sport activity. Thus, it is important not only to achieve the goal but also to do it in the shortest possible time. Is it a difficult form of activity? Of course, becoming a master in it is extremely difficult, but the very attempt of this kind of climbing is easy. At the same time, we can constantly improve and achieve new goals. So, if someone asks us: bouldering – what is it? In short, the answer will be “sport climbing without a belay”.

How to start with bouldering?

The great advantage of this physical activity is that just getting started is not difficult. What do you need if you want to try bouldering? The right climbing shoes and magnesium are enough. This is enough to give you the opportunity to conquer your first wall

Here it is worth noting a distinction. While advanced climbers can successfully navigate the actual rock, beginners should improve their skills on specially prepared artificial walls.

Why is it worth trying this form of activity?

You already know how to start your adventure with bouldering. But why is it worth doing it? First of all, it is an attractive form of spending time. Setting goals for yourself and gradually achieving them leads to satisfaction. Moreover, climbing in this form is demanding for the body. It means complex development of many muscles

After trying bouldering, it is hard not to once again reach for the adrenaline that accompanies this activity. An interesting option is to engage in climbing in a certain group. It is an individual sport, but the passion is great to share with other people.

Successful training and what comes next?

Every time we climb a wall we improve our skills. You already know that you don’t need solid equipment for that. But how many times can you climb an artificial wall? In practice this pastime does not get boring, because we constantly want to improve our skills and become better and better in this sport

This does not change the fact that putting on real rocks is a significant step in the development of your skills. In such a situation the activity gains a new context and provides completely different emotions. Climbing in the field is worth trying. However, before that, you need to arm yourself with the right skills.

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