Dumbbells for exercise at home. Which ones to buy?

Dumbbells for exercise at home. Which ones to buy?
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A home gym can be very useful when you really want to exercise, but don’t have enough time to constantly run to a professional exercise room. Before you fill your basement or other spare room with equipment, you should wisely choose basic accessories. Including, above all, dumbbells. Which ones are worth buying?

What will dumbbells be useful for?

Before we decide which dumbbells we need, we should realize how we can actually use them. It turns out that they are quite basic and necessary equipment

Why is it worth exercising with dumbbells?

First of all, they are universal and virtually anyone can exercise with them. It does not matter gender, weight, physical shape or level of advancement in attending the gym. They can be the basis for autonomous training, but also help to get in shape for other sports

How do dumbbells help?

Exercises with dumbbells are relatively simple and do not have to be very strenuous or time consuming. Thanks to them you can take care of the appearance of your abdomen, thighs, shoulders, neck, but also breasts in the case of women

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Types of dumbbells for home gym. Which ones to choose?

Of course, dumbbells come in more than one edition. They differ especially in the material from which they are made. Thus, we have to enumerate, first of all, bituminous and cast iron dumbbells. Which of them are better and what is the reason for them?

Bituminous dumbbells

Bituminous dumbbells have a specific construction. They are filled with aggregate or concrete, which gives the appropriate weight, but they are much cheaper. As a rule, they are also larger, which has a decisive influence on the weight distribution. Why is this important? We will appreciate this fact when, while exercising in the living room or our own room, one of the dumbbells falls to the floor. There are far fewer chances of bituminous dumbbells causing permanent damage to the floor, unlike those made of cast iron.

Dumbbells made of cast iron

What is the reasoning behind many people choosing to purchase cast iron dumbbells in this case? Some users extremely appreciate their longevity and durability – it is very difficult to permanently damage them. Such dumbbells are also smaller and it is easier to maneuver them or simply hide them somewhere once you have completed the series of exercises intended for the day

Fixed or adjustable dumbbells?

You can also choose between single-piece dumbbells and those that are adjustable. We can buy the first for a lower amount, usually in weights up to 10 kg. Adjustable dumbbells allow you not to have to buy many copies of different weights. We can regulate their weight ourselves and such option seems to be particularly beneficial

Dumbbells must be safe – what kind of handle should I choose?

It is worth protecting ourselves against the possibility of a painful and dangerous injury, which can be acquired when one of the rings from dumbbells accidentally falls on our feet. Such a construction of the griffin is important, which will protect against this danger in the best possible way. It is worth resigning from the more dangerous smooth griffin and bet on a screw one. Changing the weight will then take a little longer, but we will gain the feeling of certainty that the exercise is safe. Remember about it also when dumbbells are to be a gift for a young person, who is starting his adventure with exercises

What exercises can be done at home with dumbbells?

One of the advantages of buying dumbbells is that they can have a very wide range of applications right away. They are used in strength training, slimming training, general development, but sometimes they are also used during fitness exercises. Exemplary activities with dumbbells include squats with dumbbells, raises on tiptoe with dumbbells, or long squats performed also with the use of these devices. By purchasing them, we can begin the adventure of daily training. There is still time to complete a professional gym at home

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