Inspirations for everyday streetwear looks

Inspirations for everyday streetwear looks
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What exactly is streetwear? This borrowed English term literally means “street fashion,” but in reality it encompasses so much more. Streetwear is not just about how you wear yourself. Streetwear is all about how you are. Your closet is a great way to express yourself, and yet sometimes we simply lack ideas on what to wear. So today we’re sharing some streetwear inspiration for everyday wear.

Where to look for inspiration?

You don’t have to worry about current trends. When it comes to streetwear, the big fashion houses look to the street for inspiration, not the other way around! This can be seen, for example, in the designers’ love of neon for Spring/Summer 2021 or the return of bomber jackets to the catwalks. But if the biggest fashion houses are looking for inspiration in urban fashion, where should you look for styling ideas? Follow the droves of typically streetwear brands that understand what this style is all about. If you are just starting out, you should know that drops play a special role in the world of street fashion. It’s nothing more than a pre-announced release of the latest collection, but it’s thanks to this system that brands like Supreme have achieved unquestionable success.

Photo by Andre Hunter/Unsplash

Kicks in the lead role

Kicks is another term for sports shoes, popularized by the streetwear community. The topic is so important that a whole glossary of sneaker terms has been created. The most important ones you need to pay attention to when buying are:

  • DS – or deadstock, these are shoes previously unworn, in excellent condition;
  • OG – the first release of a particular shoe model or one that refers to the original color scheme;
  • OOS – out of stock, shoes no longer available in stores, but still possible to find online, e.g. at resellers;
  • custom – usually produced in single copies or small series, they are distinguished by unusual finish.

If you already know how to navigate the world of kicks, let’s move on to the question of what shoes to choose to play a starring role in your styling

Jordan shoes by Nike are classics that impress with their innovative design. If you’re wearing jordans, you don’t need much else. A pair of neutral coloured combat boots, a white T-shirt and an unbuttoned white shirt are enough. Streetwear loves layers!

Airmaxes are a timeless shoe model from Nike, characterized by a window through which you can see the airbag in the sole. They work well not only for the gym, but also for everyday styling. Especially if you combine them with dark chino pants, a black T-shirt and a jeans jacket.

Those inconspicuous vans will go well with matching tracksuits (such as classic black sneakers with three stripes on the side) and oversize sweatshirt. Yes, they do not need anything else! This is streetwear – simplicity, comfort and style.

Not only for training

Sportswear is an inseparable element of streetwear. If you want to expand your closet with elements of street fashion, take a look at: and check out the offer of a proven, best quality brand, which is Pit Bull West Coast. Although the company started as a manufacturer of martial arts equipment and clothing, over time it has expanded its offer to include casual clothing, which fits perfectly into the streetwear trend. Pit Bull West Coast is a great choice for men who stand out with the confidence and steadfastness that many a martial arts fighter would be proud of.

Main Photo: Jeremy MCknight

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