Men’s moccasins – how to wear them?

Men’s moccasins – how to wear them?
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Lightweight and designer men’s moccasins are the perfect footwear for the warm spring and summer months. What are these shoes valued for? First of all, they are comfortable and stylish. However, it is worth matching them with styling, so that the whole looks good. What to pay special attention to?

Where did men’s moccasins come from?

It is worth knowing that although moccasins have been so popular only since a few seasons, their history dates back to antiquity. These popular spring-summer shoes are associated with Indians, but a similar type of footwear was used as early as in Mesopotamia around 1500 BC

How were moccasins produced in the past?

Since moccasins are associated with shoes worn by Indians in North America, it is not difficult to guess that natural materials were used for their production. For example, moose or buffalo leather was perfect for this purpose. Its pieces were sewn together using animal tendons and bone needles. The simplicity of shoes made of one material was combined with comfort. However, the weakest side of such a product was the lack of a sole

Why is it worth having moccasins in the closet?

It is emphasized that well-made moccasins are durable and comfortable. They can be used even with quite elegant stylizations, while maintaining high comfort when wearing shoes when it is very hot

Men’s moccasins or loafers?

Classic men’s moccasins did not have a sole. Perhaps their original users, i.e. Indians, did not need it so much. In the situation when you wear moccasins to move through the jungle of a big city, such lack would be too noticeable. Hence, modern models have a thin sole. Sometimes, however, it does not give adequate comfort. What to do then? A good alternative seem to be men’s loafers, i.e. shoes cut in the same way as moccasins, but with a clearly distinguished sole

Wear styles with moccasins

How to wear men’s moccasins? What do they go well with? It is especially important to choose the right pants and think about whether to wear socks with such shoes.

Which moccasins are the most elegant?

First of all, however, you need to choose the men’s moccasins themselves, which are sometimes very different from their leather predecessors, the shoes worn by Indians. Which of them are the most elegant? The most grandiose are those made of leather or leather-like material. Sometimes shoes with interesting tassels or metal accessories are offered. Less formal, casual proposals are modern shoes made not of leather or its substitute, but of material. Finally, moccasins for drivers are offered. When we are not quite sure what kind of surface we will have to move on, we can choose men’s loafers

Pants for moccasins

When choosing pants for men’s moccasins, it is easy to make a mistake. Which ones will go well with this type of footwear? First of all, we recommend men’s chinos, which will be matched in terms of pattern to shoes and shirt. Jeans are also a popular choice. The combination of these pants, moccasins and blue shirt is the perfect idea to look impressive and even quite elegant, but not stiff and too formal. Often to moccasins are also worn shorts, but in this case you can make a mistake. They should not be, above all, exaggeratedly colorful and patterned shorts. You should also pay attention to the length. The safest will be pants to the knees – neither significantly shorter, nor too long

Men’s moccasins and socks

Is it possible to wear socks with men’s moccasins? After all, they are most often worn on bare feet. A safe alternative are short and invisible socks, but it is also allowed to wear longer ones. However, in this case you need to match them with the rest of your outfit. However, it is a bad idea to wear socks with men’s moccasins when you are wearing shorts.

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