Men’s tracksuits – which one to choose?

Men’s tracksuits – which one to choose?
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Soft and sporty, allowing freedom of movement – men’s tracksuits have made a huge career among clothing for men. However, their choice should be quite careful: we do not necessarily have to bet on expensive models of famous brands, but let’s keep in mind the good quality of the product.

What should be the ideal tracksuits for men?

Seemingly trivial question, however, must wait for an elaborate answer. Men’s tracksuit should be:

  • great in appearance,
  • comfortable,
  • fitted to the body,
  • made of pleasant to the touch and soft material,
  • well breathable,
  • made of tear-resistant fabric,
  • without tendency to chafe,
  • adapted to the season (thickness),

Fashionable men’s tracksuit

Men’s tracksuit, until a few years ago treated with a pinch of salt and associated with subcultures, is back in favor. What does it mean in practice that a particular piece is fashionable?

Why are tracksuits fashionable again?

First of all, their advantage is their versatility: they combine features of clothes for various types of exercises and those that can be worn with everyday outfits. Going out on the town in tracksuit is not only very comfortable and does not restrict our movements, but it is also fashionable in urban style. Of course, it is important to wear the right accessories (shoes, bag)

A healthy lifestyle is at a premium

Choosing sweatpants as clothing is popular again also because everything associated with a healthy lifestyle is on top. Diet, sport and fitness are quickly associated with tracksuit bottoms as a type of clothing

To which parts of our closet can we match tracksuits?

Sportswear can sometimes be combined with other elements of clothing in a surprising way. Certainly, tracksuit pants can be easily matched with clothes created for purposes other than sports. On the other hand, sweatpants more and more boldly refer to jeans (jeggings) or even more elegant cuts. We can also match them with some types of shirts – flannel ones are a good idea. T-shirt, shoes and bag can also be easily completed

What fabric for a men’s tracksuit?

Each of the popular options on the market has slightly different characteristics and properties. The most popular solutions are tracksuits sewn from:

  • cotton: the most commonly used material for men’s tracksuits, but also intended for women or children. Its advantages are high availability and usually a competitive price. At the same time, clothes sewn from cotton are usually not of poor quality. What, in addition to a low price, does the customer get when buying such a product? Cotton absorbs moisture (it is hygroscopic), it can cool (thin material) or give comfort on cold days (thick material), it is also pleasant to the touch and easy to wash
  • velour: a material that is very pleasant to the touch and to wear. Such clothes are durable, low stretch, do not tend to rub off and serve a very long time. The material also has a rather elegant appearance.
  • polyester: it is most often found in the form of orthalion. Tracksuits made of it are light and comfortable, although the fashion for them ended at the end of the 90s.
  • mix of different materials: for visual effect, pleasant feel, better sweat absorbency, less susceptibility to stretching or abrasion, manufacturers use mixes of different materials.

Photo by Mary Taylor/Pexels

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