What are the trekking essentials?

What are the trekking essentials?
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If you are preparing for a hiking trip and are wondering what should be in your equipment, this list is just for you. Find out what things you will need on a trek to make it comfortable, enjoyable and safe.

First of all, a backpack

The most important equipment you need during a trip is undoubtedly a backpack. First of all, it has to be comfortable – after all, it will be on your back for a long time, and waterproof, so that the equipment stored in it does not get wet. Also important is its capacity and the number of pockets, both inside and outside. These handy side pockets are great for storing the most necessary things, which we need to have at hand during trekking. The backpack should also be light so as not to unnecessarily burden your shoulders with extra weight.

Secondly, shoes

Equally important as a comfortable backpack are comfortable shoes. You may opt for soft sneakers, such as men’s DC shoes, which are good for hiking on flat terrain, or shoes designed for typical mountain expeditions. However, it is important that these shoes are tested – worn out ankles and sore feet will not help in trekking. It is also important, as in the case of the backpack, that the footwear is waterproof and light.

Third, a rain jacket

Staying on the topic of waterproofness, it is also worth mentioning the rain jacket. It is light and can easily fit into your backpack. Weather can often surprise you during a trip, especially in the mountains, so you should prepare in advance for its breakdown

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Fourth, a thermos bottle and a water bottle

Trekking is a physical exertion, so it is extremely important to keep your body well hydrated during the trip. A water bottle will come in handy, especially one with a filter so you can refill your water supply at any water source. A thermos bottle with warm tea can also come in handy. If you’re going to the high mountains, the cold wind can be a pain even on hot days.

Fifth, provisions

Equally important as hydration is replenishing your energy. Because of the heavy exertion of hiking, especially mountain hiking, energy drops very quickly. Therefore, if you want your trip to be enjoyable and not exhausting, take appropriate provisions with you. Energy bars or dark chocolate, as well as freeze-dried food will be a comfortable solution. It is very easy and quick to prepare, and at the same time extremely nutritious. You can buy such meals in most sports stores.

Sixth, first aid kit

Safety is the most important thing, so when going on any trip, it is worth to have a first aid kit. Its basic equipment, such as an emergency whistle to call for help and a thermal blanket to protect against the cold may save your life in extreme cases. It is also advisable to include plasters, painkillers, ointments, and elastic bandages.

Seventh, a powerbank

When going on a hike, you’re sure to take along electronic equipment such as your phone, camera, or activity monitoring wristband. What if one of these devices discharges during the trip? To avoid such unpleasant situations it is worth to have at least a small powerbank with you. It will be especially useful if you use navigation on your phone.

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