A successful intimate life – what does it depend on?

A successful intimate life – what does it depend on?
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What determines that a man’s intimate life is successful? It turns out that not only physical health and a successful relationship with a partner are important. According to many psychologists and sexologists, the most important issues for the whole issue play out in the mind. Here are some interesting facts.

Contrary to stereotypes

Male sexuality is one of those phenomena that are treated in a rather stereotypical way. Any problems related to it are often considered taboo and shamefully hidden.

Not only the body

It turns out that problems with sex in men are not only factors associated with physicality, but also issues that have a psychological basis. It is estimated that up to 10% of erectile dysfunction cases in men may be caused by some psychological issue. These may include problems with self-esteem or lack of boldness with women

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Possible physical difficulties – they can make intimate life very difficult

However, this does not mean that the body does not play an important role. What causes a man to have difficulties in bed? Contrary to what you might think, it’s not just the typical disease factors, although they are very important too.


First of all, we are talking about low levels of testosterone, which does not allow you to lead a satisfying sex life. It also mentions other hormonal disorders, including thyroid dysfunction. Another group of diseases that prevent satisfaction with sex are cancer, but also diabetes, mental illness, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney or liver problems. The use of certain medications, such as those used to treat depression, can have a similar effect

Other somatic problems

Problems in intimate life can also be caused by being overweight, poor diet, use of stimulants or sleep deprivation. Chronic fatigue will also take away the desire for sex and worsen the quality of intimate life in men.

Mental health: this is also where the problems lie

Mental problems are even more destructive to intimate life than somatic problems. The catalog of difficulties that can arise is extremely long. It includes stress, past traumas, various kinds of partner relationship disorders, problems with perception of one’s own body. Very important are also issues resulting from the unsatisfactory course of the relationship: monotony and boredom or lack of attraction to the partner will also not allow to achieve satisfaction in the discussed field. A neglected but increasingly common problem is men’s addiction to pornography. Staying in the virtual world does not allow to achieve fulfillment in real sexual life. It may even happen that someone feels overexcited about sex.

Sexual disorders and their treatment

Problems with developing a satisfying sex life can take several forms that require treatment. These include:

  • lack of desire – the person affected does not have sexual fantasies, nor does he or she show any desire for sexual activity;
  • erectile dysfunction – this is associated with high levels of stress and leads to severe disruption in partner relationships;
  • ejaculatory disorders – may be permanent or recurrent;
  • hypersexuality and sex addiction – sex begins to dominate over other spheres of life and slowly becomes more important than them

Treatment for the above disorders varies. Certainly, without it, it is difficult to have a successful sex life in a man. Therefore, these kinds of problems should prompt a visit to a sexologist, who will recognize the problem and plan further treatment.

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