6 effective ways to boost immunity in autumn

6 effective ways to boost immunity in autumn
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There are many effective ways to face the threat of autumn infections and their associated complications. Unfortunately, the vaccine is not a panacea, so you need to regularly strengthen immunity and listen to your body. Learn effective ways to boost your immunity in autumn!

Eat healthy

Skillfully selected foods will provide you with a balance of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in your body, saturate it with vitamins, calcium and zinc – everything it needs to boost immunity. Include more fresh vegetables and fruits (especially citrus fruits) in your daily diet, as well as fermented foods, including yogurt and kefir. You’ll also find vital nutrients in cooked fish, unrefined vegetable oils and cereals. Sensible nutrition supports the proper functioning of various systems in the body, so you’ll be able to deal with a possible infection faster.

Harden your body

Alternate showers, swimming in natural bodies of water in winter, going to the pool and sauna – all these strengthen the body’s natural immunity. Of course, your body needs to be prepared for some of these procedures, so before you start walrushing, take alternate showers or douse yourself in cold water first thing in the morning. Such activities will improve circulation and provide the body with life-giving oxygen. Anyway, water treatments are not at all a necessity. It is enough to take an hour-long walk in the park or forest every day. Such aerotherapy will oxygenate your body and stimulate your metabolism.

Practice sports

You don’t have to rush to the gym right away. Just find effective exercises on YouTube and dedicate 15-20 minutes a day to them. Doing so will not only increase your mental activity, concentration and ability to work, but also support the work of the respiratory system, which often becomes the target of infections. Once you strengthen your immunity, it will be easier for you to pass any viral infection.

Give up addictions

It’s all about giving up habits permanently, and not just for the duration of an infection. One day without cigarettes, alcohol or eating fast food is obviously not enough. You need to gradually change your lifestyle, freeing yourself from factors that have a destructive effect on your health. Alcohol and cigarettes are not the only stimulants that weaken you. Nevertheless, gaming addiction, constant sleep deprivation and other habits, such as uncontrolled drug taking and excess caffeine, are exhausting.

Get enough sleep and rest

About 70% of people around the world do not get enough sleep and rest, which increases their susceptibility to various infections. Sleep and rest are essential factors in restoring immunity. Allow yourself to sleep and rest as much as necessary. Maintain a healthy balance between work, personal life and rest. Take breaks, don’t worry about trivial things, be optimistic, don’t panic and enjoy life. You don’t need long-term stress for anything. Free yourself from it right now.

Take care of your hygiene

Always wash your face and hands after coming home. Also take care to regularly clean the phone you constantly hold in your hands. Don’t touch your face with dirty hands and refrain from eating in public. Use disposable wipes and other disinfectants. Take regular showers, wash your clothes and ventilate the rooms you stay in.

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