Testosterone in man – what should you know about it?

Testosterone in man – what should you know about it?
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Testosterone is a hormone found in men, it is synonymous with masculinity, fertility and self-confidence. Its too low levels can cause many diseases. How to watch its level, what are the norms and factors to optimize its level and when men should start worrying about their health?


Testosterone is a steroid hormone, it may come as a surprise that it is also found in women, but it is in the male sex that its levels significantly affect their optimal functioning. It is produced mainly in the testes, with a small amount in the adrenal glands. What does it need it for? For almost everything, mainly for the proper development of bones, muscles, the nervous system and sexual function. If we notice any abnormalities in these fields, it is a sign that too low levels of testosterone may be responsible for them.

Negative effect of factors

Many factors negatively affect testosterone levels in men, including poor diet, lack of exercise, toxins, concomitant diseases. Remember that any situation that deviates from the norm should alert us to contact a doctor and that not every symptom will be clear-cut. There is even a group of men who will feel virtually no changes in the body.

Inappropriate diet

One of the biggest inappropriate actions in men is a bad diet, low in vitamins and micronutrients, and rich in cholesterol (so-called junk food will have the worst effect here), contributing to increased accumulation of body fat, which in turn leads to serious hormonal disorders. It is also disastrous for the body to use doping without any control. Therefore, it is important to maintain a proper diet and use regular exercise to help keep the body in good shape and testosterone in the normal range. Adequate doses of vitamin B6 and micronutrients in the form of magnesium and zinc are especially necessary.

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They also have a fatal effect on our health and testosterone levels. Where do we find them? First of all in food and hygiene products. Alcohol also has a negative effect. It not only burdens the liver, but also has a bad effect on the hormonal balance of our body. Compulsive smoking is also a bad idea. A detox should be applied from time to time.

Diseases and ailments

In addition to alcohol abuse and smoking, diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis, testicular trauma, can contribute to a marked decrease in testosterone. Stress also has an adverse effect.

Metabolic syndrome

Sometimes abnormal testosterone levels are not solely our fault. A number of factors can contribute to this condition, and one of them is the so-called metabolic syndrome. It is characterized by elevated levels of fatty acids, a decrease in good cholesterol, elevated blood sugar, high blood pressure and a fair amount of body fat around the waist. A few men may also develop testicular failure or hypothalamic dysfunction or hypogonadism.

Low testosterone is not a disaster

Low testosterone doesn’t have to be an embarrassing problem, but for many men it is – due to reduced libido or trouble in the bedroom. It’s important to remember that if you notice changes early on, you can take care of your health in time to neutralize the problem.

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