LPG car – is it worth it?

LPG car – is it worth it?
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Using a car on gas can be associated with saving money, but it is only a partial truth. Before installing the system we should consider the question of operating costs, possible repairs or insurance. Even the place, which by installation we will have less, counts. Is it worth having a gas car?

Benefits of LPG installation

Liquified Petroleum Gas(LPG) is still a popular type of fuel used for driving on Polish roads. In our country autogas is often chosen by people who own cars with large capacity engines. First of all, this concerns older cars. Among the youngest, only a few percent are powered in this way. What are the advantages of LPG installations?

A car powered by gas means lower fuel costs

Cars with LPG installations smoke more, however autogas itself is a cheaper fuel. In this respect, the exploitation will be cheaper to the cars powered by petrol or even diesel oil

LPG cars – quality of the installation

It is worth noting that the quality of the installation itself is very important. It is good that the individual elements were selected so that they can function for a relatively long time without the need for repair. As a rule, LPG has to be installed in the car itself, but it is worth doing it in the service with a good reputation

LPG does not damage the engine

Opinions about this are greatly exaggerated. However, higher combustion temperature can lead to faster wear of the cylinder head or valves in some engines. The most important thing is to drive on a good quality mixture. By doing so, we reduce the risk of large and frequent breakdowns.

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Disadvantages of LPG installation. Will the car wear out faster?

What can discourage us from choosing LPG as fuel in our car?

How to drive the car? Gas is more expensive than before

In the past there was a significant difference between powering a car with LPG and petrol or diesel. Currently, it is impossible to say that autogas leads to such great savings. In addition, you need to add here the cost of the installation itself

Potential breakdowns

Mechanics themselves are unlikely to persuade us to install LPG. Petrol units are preferred here. A lot depends on both the engine and the gas system itself, but the repertoire of failures to which we are exposed is quite extensive. Interestingly, usually older installations are more trusted than those installed in new cars. Certainly, we will be waiting for more frequent replacement of plugs or ignition cables. Other elements that can wear out quickly are the gas filter or the petrol pump

LPG cannot be installed everywhere

First of all, in modern cars the installation of LPG system is becoming more and more complicated. The problem is among others the direct injection of fuel. Avoiding the difficulties requires quite expensive modifications. Especially in the case of some cars from Asia it is difficult or even impossible for the engine to work with LPG. If such attempts are made, major valve and head problems quickly arise

No entry to underground parking lots

It is also important to remember that choosing a car for autogas will force us to certain restrictions. An example may be the ban on entering underground parking lots. This restriction is dictated by the possibility of a fire hazard.

LPG doesn’t always work

Although autogas is a cheap source of power for cars, there are exceptions in this case as well. Who will find it financially unviable to invest in autogas? It is discouraged for those who intend to use the car for a short period of time – e.g. 2 years. Another example where the money invested in LPG system may not come back is low mileage. This is the case when the mileage is e.g. several hundred kilometers per month. Then you can safely stay with the petrol engine.

Do LPG systems have more advantages than disadvantages? Much depends on the individual driver and his requirements. It is no accident that opinions are so divided and for every critic there is a large number of autogas cars on Polish roads.

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