Quiet days in a relationship – how do you reconcile?

Quiet days in a relationship – how do you reconcile?
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Quiet days in a relationship are a situation that can affect even the most compatible partners. They can be the result of an argument, a difference of opinion, or a different perspective on a given situation. Whatever the cause, quiet days need to be skillfully ended. How to do it?

Silent days: why is silence not a good solution?

Silent days are a phenomenon known to all people in relationships, regardless of the degree of formalization or the length of the relationship. It is usually assumed that women are responsible for such situations. When a misunderstanding occurs, instead of explaining it immediately, they prefer to “tactfully remain silent” hoping that their partner will figure out where the mistake was made and, regardless of whether the fault lies with him or not, will apologize. Unfortunately, more and more men, having learned from experience, also reach for the weapon of silence. In this way, even a trivial misunderstanding can grow into a large conflict

That is why silence is considered to be one of the worst options when it comes to solving partnership disputes. This way we don’t share our thoughts with our partner, we don’t have a chance to confront our reasons, and what’s worse, over time our mutual resentments grow and can cause serious damage that often leads to the breakup of the relationship. Therefore, the best solution is to immediately “talk through” the problem – even the smallest one that seems completely insignificant. When everyone is clear about what is being argued, there is no need to worry that the previous understatement will not be taken advantage of… Openness and honesty are the foundations of a successful relationship! And no, it is not just a dead slogan.

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How to cope if we have quiet days

Quiet days can also occur in relationships that are based on honesty and openness with your partner. However, it is important that they do not last too long. Sometimes a day or two of not talking to each other and avoiding each other can be a good thing; you miss your partner and know that life without him or her is much more difficult than it might seem at first sight. However, it is important that the silence does not last longer, because it is easy to get used to it and we may come to the wrong conclusions during this time, for example, that we are better off alone

So how to end quiet days in time? Who should be the first to reach out? This is an extremely difficult question to answer, especially when both partners have strong opinions. Ideally, the initiative to agree should be mutual, but usually one half is more likely to be stuck in its stubbornness, while the other is pushing to end the dispute. In such a case, it is better to put your pride in your pocket and stop the silent marathon. However, it’s important to maintain a certain balance; it can’t be that after every conflict the same person always apologizes and breaks the silence. There has to be a balance, otherwise you will create a dangerous winner-loser situation where one person always loses and takes the blame and apologizes

Practical tips for ending silent days

If you are fed up with your partner’s silence, but don’t know how to break the silence, use proven ways.

  • Get into an argument – sometimes it really is better to shout out all your grievances than to remain in silence; an argument allows you to clear the atmosphere, get rid of tension, articulate all your objections; after it there is peace and you can return to normality.
  • Get the help of a “negotiator” – invite to the house a friend of your partner or another person close to her, the situation will force you to start a dialogue, and later everything will go more easily.
  • If you feel that the fault lies with you, do not hesitate, just take the blame and try to defuse the situation; remember that admitting a mistake is nothing bad – on the contrary: it shows maturity and responsibility.

It’s always a good idea to give a woman a small gift or help her with her daily chores – this is the easiest way to break the silence

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