What shoes to choose for an evening out?

What shoes to choose for an evening out?
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Shoes for evening outfits have to be extremely sophisticated, because not infrequently during such events there are certain rules. Men’s fashion, especially when it comes to shoes, offers a multitude of solutions, thanks to which we will create countless styles, which will not end in a schematic black and white outfit. So it is worth to be original in this regard.


Men’s moccasins are shoes without laces. Slip-on shoes are ideal for adding a stylish, casual touch to formal outfits. While moccasins can go with many styles, they pair well with suits, especially with flared pants. ‘

Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes are classic men’s suit shoes that should be in every man’s closet. They can be recognized by their closed lacing system, which has stitching at the bottom. Oxfords also have a low heel and short back, creating a neat and polished look. Perfect for pairing with a suit, oxfords are a reliable choice for any formal occasion. While black polished shoes with are ideal for the highest dress code requirements, other varieties of oxfords can suit a variety of events.


Similar to oxfords, derby shoes are another popular type of suit shoe. Derby shoes, however, have a slightly less complicated design but have an open lacing system, unlike oxford shoes, which have a sewn-in lace bottom. The comfortable fit is suitable for most formal occasions and can be easily paired with a suit. While traditional leather varieties of derby shoes are ideal for a classic look, other types, made from materials such as suede, are perfect for a slightly more casual look.


Brogues can be a deceptive type of shoe. The name actually comes from broguing, which involves decorating shoes with heavy perforations (large punctures). As a result, shoes that are technically a different style, such as oxfords or derby shoes, are often classified as brogues because of this decorative accessory. Confusing or not, the unique look creates shoes with personality and style. Most importantly, they can be worn with everything from jeans to a suit.

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Slippers can be paired with everything from a casual look to an evening outfit. The ankle boots have elastic sides that make them easy to put on and take off without laces or buckles. Stepping away from those traditional buckles allows chelsea to create a super sleek and neat look.


Chukka are comfortable evening shoes that end at the ankle. Their shorter height means they have minimal lacing, creating an uncomplicated look. It is this simple yet assertive style that makes chukka boots ideal for both smart casual outfits and semi-formal dress codes. Although the shoe sometimes appears in traditional leather, it is most often found in suede, which adds to their looser look.


The monk is a stylish and unique shoe. It features a strap at the top and a buckle (or two). The sleek cut can be worn with many formal styles for everything from a business meeting to a night out. This popular and fashionable shoe is also a great choice for gentlemen looking for a refined style that is more interesting than the standard oxford or derby

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