Men’s shirt – which one to buy?

Men’s shirt – which one to buy?
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A shirt well chosen to the figure and the situation can be a real business card of a man who takes care of himself. It should also be carefully sewn; good quality material is also at a premium. What else should you pay attention to?

Shirt material

The basic materials from which shirts are sewn are:

  • cotton – a very popular, inexpensive and natural material that allows the skin to breathe; it is a good material also for sewing elegant shirts,
  • flannel – a cotton fabric that is good for sewing casual shirts,
  • polyester – most often used to sew cheap shirts, which, although they do not crease, are not as friendly to the skin as, for example, cotton,
  • denim – formerly used to make work clothes, now very popular also for casual shirts,
  • linen – light, natural and breathable,
  • silk – a noble and very elegant material.

The quality of the material

A good men’s shirt is a product that is durable and of good quality. How to check it? You should get acquainted with the grammage of the material from which it was sewn. This is expressed in grams per square meter. Shirts with a higher grammage will be of better quality. It is assumed that a good quality shirt has a weight of at least 200 g/m2


The choice of the cut of the shirt is related to the occasion for which we want to wear it, but also to our body shape. Among the popular cuts, the most often mentioned are three.

  • Slim fit – such cut includes waist, which is intended to emphasize the slim figure of a man. Although such shirts are extremely popular and can often be found on store shelves, for obvious reasons they will not fit well on a figure that is not slim
  • Regular – the classic cut will not be a problem when men with a tummy want to wear it. Such shirts provide comfort while wearing. On a very slim person, however, they may look unsightly
  • Relaxed – extended shirts for overweight people.

Collar and cuffs

Popular collar types that can be encountered in shirts on store shelves are:

  • kent or straight collar – the most common version of collar sewn into the shirts nowadays; it is characterized by universal character – we can use it in various situations,
  • italian collar – considered to be particularly elegant because it perfectly exposes a beautiful tie,
  • buttondown collar – less formal type of collar, which will serve well in case of everyday styling,
  • stand-up collar – elegant, but worn only with a jacket with a stand-up collar.

Cuffs can be:

  • single: less formal, although you can wear a fly or tie with them,
  • double: fastened with clips, formal, ideal for formal occasions.

Shirt color and pattern

Elegant shirts

What about the color and pattern of the shirt? The most common choice as elegant shirt models are the solid ones, preferably white or blue. This choice is very safe. We can easily look great in such a shirt with or without a tie. A jacket does not necessarily have to complete such a look either. An elegant shirt may also be patterned, but then we are more likely to make a mistake. When choosing a suit, shirt, and tie, at least one of these items should not be patterned.

Other tips on color and pattern

Checked or polka dot shirts can also be an everyday choice. They will be very useful for creating casual styles. In their case, pieces made of flannel will also come in handy. Sometimes you can also bet on more patterned pieces, but they should not be tucked into pants

Shirt size

When choosing the size of the shirt, we should suggest important measurements of our own body. It is mainly about height and collar size. For people with less typical body measurements, a well-fitting shirt may only be achievable if it is custom-made.

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