Men’s jacket for spring. What to pay attention to when buying?

Men’s jacket for spring. What to pay attention to when buying?
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What should be the spring jacket for a style-conscious man? Weather outside the window in spring can be unstable, so it is good that the chosen model is not only fashionable, but also functional. Even minimum protection against cold and moisture is worth its price. What should you pay attention to when shopping in spring? We suggest.

Types of spring jackets

Spring is a period when the weather is extremely capricious. Therefore, it is worth having different types of jackets in your closet not only because of the possibility of creating a variety of styles, but also so that you do not suffer from rain, cold and sometimes even snow. What types of spring jackets for men are particularly popular?

Spring coat

A very elegant option that makes a man wearing this type of coat look extremely stylish. It can come in different colors, but navy blue, black and beige are considered classic. In the case of a spring coat for men, the most important thing is that it is sewn from good quality material. It must be, above all, thin and airy – after all, this is a spring model, not a winter one. At the same time, it should at least partially retain water, give cover from wind and cold, if the weather suddenly changes

Quilted jacket

An increasingly popular option that is certainly suitable for casual styling. What are the reasons for choosing it? First of all, spring quilted jackets are warm, yet much lighter than their winter counterparts. They are also pleasant to the touch.

Sports jacket

Sport jackets are a spring must have for all men who appreciate a casual style. Their advantage is comfort and the fact that you can find models which perfectly protect against rain and wind

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Denim jacket for spring

Denim is a timeless material, which probably will never go out of style – designers are still eagerly coming back to it. Denim jackets are a perfect choice for spring. It is worth choosing insulated jackets with a high collar, which can be put up in case of strong wind

Jacket made of ecological leather

An increasingly popular alternative to expensive animal skin jackets. Its choice is also devoid of ethical dilemmas. What speaks for it? It is a very original element of clothing, which will add character to your outfit

Important parameters of spring jackets. Be sure to pay attention to them!

So what features should spring jackets have? Among the most important are:

Breathability of the material

In the past, jackets were mainly required to be waterproof. Today, this parameter is still very important, but you can see the consequence of introducing materials that do not allow water to pass through. The main point is that they sometimes create a problem with perspiration wicking. However, our goal should be dry skin – so you need to choose jackets sewn from fabrics that are at least partially capable of wicking away moisture

An important parameter in this case is MVT, or Moisture Vapour System. It is presented in grams / 24 h / m2. The highest possible level of this indicator ensures good moisture transfer to the outside. It is recommended that spring jackets achieve an MVT value between 5000 and 20000 g/m2/24 h.


Of course, jackets should be as waterproof as possible so that you don’t have to worry about April rain. Waterproofness is measured in units of PSI or mm of water column. It is assumed that the value of this parameter up to 5000 indicates very low resistance. Up to 10,000, the material is resistant to light rain, i.e. water falling under low pressure. Above 20,000 mm, it is a garment that can withstand a downpour

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