The Best Ways to Prolong Intercourse

The Best Ways to Prolong Intercourse
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For many couples, the goal is to prolong intercourse as much as possible. While this may seem like a difficult task, there are actually a few simple techniques that can help you extend the time you spend together in the bedroom. 

Talk About What You Want

When it comes to prolonging intercourse, communication is key. Before jumping into bed, talk to your partner about what you both want out of the experience. Do you prefer a slow, sensual build-up or something more intense? Do you have any specific fantasies or kinks that you want to explore? Talking openly and honestly will help you understand each other’s needs and desires and make sure that everyone is on the same page. Having this conversation before engaging in intercourse will ensure that both of you are comfortable and ready for a pleasurable experience. 

Foreplay, Foreplay, Foreplay

Foreplay is an essential part of a pleasurable and satisfying sexual experience, especially when it comes to prolonged intercourse. Foreplay can include everything from kissing and caressing to more intense activities like oral sex and manual stimulation. For many couples, foreplay is the best way to increase arousal and ensure a longer-lasting sexual experience. When you engage in foreplay, it helps to establish a connection between you and your partner that can make your experience even more enjoyable.

When engaging in foreplay, take the time to explore all the options, and don’t rush it. Experiment with different types of touch, from gentle strokes to more intense caresses. Spend time exploring your partner’s body, paying attention to the areas that feel best for them. You can also switch up the intensity, starting slowly and then gradually increasing the pressure and speed.

Use Lubrication

Adding lubrication to intercourse can help make the experience more enjoyable and reduce friction and discomfort. Many lubricants on the market today are made with harsh chemicals that can lead to irritation or other issues. That’s why we recommend Gen Zouti organic cream, a natural lubricant made with herbal extracts that help increase lubrication, arousal, and pleasure. Its water-based formula is safe to use with condoms, and it has a light, pleasant scent that adds to the experience. Gen Zouti is designed to provide long-lasting, silky-smooth lubrication that won’t leave a sticky residue. With its natural ingredients, Gen Zouti organic cream can help make intercourse more enjoyable for both partners.

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