Elegance is not only a suit. Other interesting hairstyles for the modern man

Elegance is not only a suit. Other interesting hairstyles for the modern man
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We still live in a world where there is a strong belief that an elegant man is the one who goes about his daily life in a suit and tie. And it’s hard not to agree with that. However, thanks to top designers, this stereotype is slowly being abandoned, and the concept of ‘sporty elegance’ is becoming more and more popular.

Interesting (and elegant!) hairstyles for work

Men working in large corporations, in the world of finance and banking, but also at the head of companies, usually reduce their daily outfit to a shirt, tie and suit. Plus, of course, elegant shoes. In fact, this dress code was obligatory many years ago and is still valid today.

However, more and more often we can see a departure from these rigid rules. And it does not mean lack of elegance. For many years, the clothing market has been creating the ideal of “sporty elegance”, i.e. a style which combines modernity and comfort with a touch of classical taste.

A looser type of elegance

Today it is no surprise to see the CEO of a company or a large enterprise wearing a slim-fit jacket and a light polo shirt with chino pants. This is a classic example of how to combine classic elements with those of a more casual character. In recent seasons it has also become popular to replace jackets with light cardigans. This solution is even more focused on comfort, because during the performance of professional activities it is essential to feel free, without restraint of movement.

What for summer?

In the summer season, when temperatures do not fall below 20 degrees, most men give up the outer garment altogether. Then, to create an interesting and elegant styling, you should rely on the right shirt. It does not necessarily have to be monochromatic – lately checkered shirts or other delicate patterns are very fashionable

It is important that no matter what the weather conditions are, it should be a long-sleeved shirt. If it is very hot, you can roll up the sleeves – some models even have a special button loop inside the sleeve, which keeps the rolled up sleeve in place. Both fabric pants and good quality jeans, loved by many men, will go well with this kind of shirt.

Elegant and modern styles: Pay attention to your shoes!

Attention to detail is a feature of elegant and interesting hairstyles. One of these details is undoubtedly the shoes. It is thanks to them that the whole outfit gains expression and character. Inappropriately chosen shoes may effectively disturb the whole look, so it is always worth to think over their choice.

Casual stylizations will go well with moccasins, which are available in many shades: from classic black, through dark brown, to camel. For less formal outfits, fashionable and comfortable sneakers will go well with jeans, which are definitely more stylish than regular sports shoes.

Oxfords and brogues

However, when dress code requires us to choose a bit more official footwear, then it is worth considering one of two proposals of classic formal shoes, which will work in almost every situation.

The first of them are oxfords. These are relatively light shoes made of natural leather, which perfectly fit the foot and ensure its comfort regardless of weather conditions. If we decide to wear navy blue jacket and pants, deep brown oxford shoes will go perfectly with them.

The second type of classic yet very fashionable footwear are men’s brogues. Openwork ornamentation on the front of the shoe will enliven any styling. Timeless brogues will go well with pants of different colors.

Don’t forget about accessories

Well-chosen accessories are the perfect complement to your outfit. In case of men you cannot miss a stylish watch, which plays a similar role as jewelry for women. For casual stylizations a leather strap of a color matching the whole will look interesting. In the autumn-winter season it is also necessary to pay attention to accessories, such as a hat or a scarf, which should emphasize the style and character of the outer garment.

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