Shaving brushes – which one to choose?

Shaving brushes – which one to choose?
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What shaving brushes to choose? Men who want to always have a perfectly shaved face, must pay a lot of attention to the choice of accessories. This inconspicuous tool is useful regardless of what we shave. Which one to choose and what to look for?

Why do we need a shaving brush?

Shaving brushes are an absolute must have for any man who likes a perfect shave. The more often we shave our beards, the more important it is for us to have a good quality brush. It’s also worth noting that buying a quality product will allow a slightly higher one-time cost to eliminate the much more frequent purchase of items of questionable quality

What are shaving brushes for?

As already mentioned: we will need a brush regardless of whether we shave with a razor or a razor. We will appreciate its helpful role both when we use soap and when we use shaving cream. In addition to spreading these substances, shaving brushes help us to perform a kind of facial scrub. Thanks to it, we get rid of the exfoliated skin. This has a very positive effect on the quality of the shave

What type of brush to choose?

Shaving brushes can currently be divided into those made of synthetic or natural materials. The latter are primarily badger or wild boar hair. However, living in the 21st century, we should probably give up animal materials, relying instead on those made synthetically

What are the advantages of a brush made of synthetic bristle?

The main argument that should influence its choice is the abandonment of the use of material that comes from wild animals. This is not the only reason to use synthetic brushes. These utensils are usually much cheaper than their counterparts made from natural materials. It should also be noted that the alternatives are usually brushes “with the addition” of badger or boar bristles. This means that we are dealing here rather with a marketing trick

The choice of synthetic bristles is also understandable because they dry quickly and are skin-friendly. Natural bristles, on the other hand, are not to everyone’s liking – they may irritate some people. It should be noted that the synthetic material is designed to save shaving cosmetics. Thanks to it, you will use up to half less cream or soap.

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What else to pay attention to?

It is not only the type of bristle that is important, but also several other seemingly minor issues, which are worth paying attention to. What are the most important?

Price range

The first shaving brush should definitely be sturdy in order to last a long time. This does not mean, however, that it has to fall into the category of utensils from the highest price range. In this case, good quality shaving brushes range from 30 to 100 zł. In the case of synthetic products, the choice is already quite large here.


Finally, it is necessary to ensure that the shape of the handle fits well in our hand. It is also important that this element is as durable as possible and resistant to falls, for example. We therefore recommend handles made of wood or hard plastic.


The right size of the brush is also important. The length of the bristle, the handle and the overall dimensions of the brush, among other things, affect the comfort of use. Most often, we deal with labels similar to those used on clothes – from XS to XL. In the beginning, size M is usually recommended and is a good choice in most cases. The choice of brush size affects the handiness of its use.


Estheticians will certainly pay attention to how the brush looks. Brushes with a wooden handle will be valued more highly. In some cases, the bristles are dyed a certain color. You can also purchase entire shaving sets, where the brush will be matched with other accessories

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