Why should I care for my beard?

Why should I care for my beard?
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Having a thick facial hair has become a permanent part of the trend list for well-groomed men. Beards have been, are and most likely will be the inseparable companions of many men for a long time.

It is not the mere fact of having a beard that is important but its quality. Having beautiful hair both on the head and on the face is extremely important for one’s well-being.

How they see you is how they judge you

Outward appearance has a significant impact on how a person is perceived by others, as people tend to automatically assign further characteristics based on first impressions. People who are physically attractive and neat – will be attributed with positive traits such as intelligence or honesty. A well-groomed beard – as an attribute of an attractive appearance – can contribute to a positive perception of the owner of the beard.

Do it for yourself!

Wishing to please others shouldn’t be the only reason to take care of your beard. It’s important to focus on you when grooming your beard – your physical appearance affects your moods, self-esteem and mental health in all areas of your personal life. A person who is happy with their appearance will feel great in their body.

Beard and mustache care can become a ritual, relaxing after a hard day, or a way to spend free time.

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How Do I Groom My Beard and Moustache?

To enjoy a thick and shiny beard, you need to start from the inside out. Just like the hair on your head, facial hair needs internal nourishment. A healthy, balanced and protein rich diet is important to provide the building blocks for growth. Stress reduction and proper sleep hygiene also have a positive effect on the condition of the body and hair growth.

However, the beard needs proper care. It needs to be washed thoroughly and regularly to get rid of food debris and dirt that builds up on your hair and face during the day.

Regular brushing with a comb or a special brush, called a beard carder, will have a positive effect on blood circulation in the face, remove flaky skin and improve the shape of the beard. The prepared hair should be externally nourished and moisturized. A special beard oil, which minimizes irritation, softens the beard and prevents the skin from drying out by moisturizing it, will be perfect for this.

Styling a beard with the use of beard balms and waxes helps to take care of the aesthetic appearance of the beard. The cosmetics shape the hair and keep the beard and moustache in perfect shape. To keep the beard in the best condition it is advisable to trim the hair at least once a month or visit a professional barber to tame its shape.

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