How to get rid of fleas in a cat?

How to get rid of fleas in a cat?
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Fleas are extremely troublesome external parasites that attack and cruelly bite pets. Unfortunately, once a furry cat catches fleas, they are often difficult to get rid of because they nest not only on the animal’s body, but also in textiles such as beds, blankets and carpets, and even on people. What to do when the cat catches fleas, how to prevent it and how to effectively get rid of parasites? We suggest!

Prevention first of all

Prevention is much better than cure, so the first step of every responsible cat guardian is to protect him against external parasites. If you decide to take your cat outside, you have to make sure that fleas and ticks avoid your pet far away. For cats, the best solution is drops or sprays for external parasites. They are safe for the animal, easily available and quite inexpensive. You can buy such preparations, for example, in the store Without proper vaccinations and insect repellents the cat should not leave the house, because it can get very serious and difficult to cure diseases

Bathing and grooming

If the vet recommends this form of treatment, the cat should be bathed in a special insecticidal shampoo. You can buy such agent in vet’s office, but well equipped online pet store should have it in their offer too. Such therapeutic baths usually have to be repeated several times, even after the end of the infestation, to get rid of fleas in other stages of development, which could be resistant to the agent contained in the shampoo. Outside of your veterinarian’s strict recommendations, you should not bathe cats, especially non-adopted cats, as this can seriously disrupt the pH of the skin and lead to problems and lesions. In addition to bathing, you can also comb your cat’s fur of intruders, but be careful not to let any of them get loose – crush fleas in a tissue right away. Combing with a fine comb is an effective way to get rid of large numbers of fleas at once, making it easier to knock out the remaining amount with shampoo.

Treatment at the vet

When dealing with fleas, you should always contact your veterinarian. He or she will recommend appropriate measures or apply the appropriate medication themselves. Treatment may involve pouring a special liquid over the skin between the cat’s shoulder blades or giving an injection of a drug that makes the cat’s blood toxic to fleas for a longer period. The vet will also assess the severity of the flea infestation and administer appropriate prevention for other diseases and possible skin scratching by the pet

Hygiene in the home

When your cat has fleas, you can be almost certain that they are not only on his fur, but also in his bed, litter box, scratching post, couch, your bed and carpet. You must wash all textiles regularly and thoroughly in chemicals and high temperature, at least 60 and preferably 90 degrees. Only in this way you will effectively get rid of both adult fleas and their eggs. Without taking care of hygiene and frequent washing, fleas will constantly return and the problem will not go away, but will only escalate. For the duration of the invasion of parasites, it is good to limit contact with a sick cat as much as possible, so that the fleas have as little opportunity as possible to get on human skin. Wash your hands thoroughly with hot, soapy water after each contact with your pet

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