A dog – man’s best friend who should be taken care of

A dog – man’s best friend who should be taken care of
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Surely, at least once in your life you have heard that a dog is man’s best friend. Loyal, selfless, full of unconditional love. With these and many other words you can describe man’s four-legged companion. Does it mean that we can simply enjoy this selflessness? It is worth giving something from ourselves! In order to take proper care of your dog, you should know a few things. What are they?

How do you feed your dog?

The basic need of every living organism is food. Our four-legged friends certainly look on with appetite many times when you eat dinner, just waiting for every tasty morsel to drop. However, is a similar approach good for pets? Feeding your dog what’s left over from dinner isn’t going to do him any good. Our diet and the diet of dogs are significantly different

What is important in a dog’s diet?

First of all, meat. It is the most important ingredient and its content should definitely be the highest. Meat for your dog must be of good quality, otherwise it will not provide your dog with the right nutrients. When you’re choosing your dog’s food, pay attention to the percentage composition of the individual ingredients. If the meat comes first and it’s 50% or more, the food can be considered high quality. There are other products in the food besides meat. Carefully examine the rest of the ingredients. If cereals are present, it’s a no-go. Dogs do not need any type of grain to function properly; no matter if it is wheat, corn or rice. So what’s left if we cut out grains? Vegetables and fruits! So look for potatoes, carrots, pumpkin, but also apples and pears in the composition of the food. Finally, pay attention to what else the manufacturer offers. Vitamins and trace elements are often added to pet foods. You can find suitable feeds at johndog.co.uk.

BARF – an alternative to pet food

If you want to feed your dog in the best possible way, dog nutritionists recommend BARF. What does it consist of? It is a way of feeding raw meat. Since raw meat alone will not meet all of your pet’s needs, the right ingredients are added and calculated based on your dog’s weight. This way, you get the most optimized and individualized diet

Don’t forget the walks

Whether you have a garden or not, walking your dog won’t be missed if you want to take care of his development and well-being. Every four-legged friend should go for a walk at least three times a day – it doesn’t matter whether you have a large or small, purebred or mixed breed dog. Give your dog at least one half-hour or hour long walk. This will allow him to stretch his legs, exercise and check out the state of the neighborhood. Remember also that if your dog is just a puppy, while raising him, you won’t be able to determine when he should go out – he will let you know. If you want to teach your dog to stay clean, you’ll have to adjust to that. Pay attention to the breed of your dog. As you can guess, larger dogs will need longer, more intense walks because they get tired later. Such once include, but are not limited to, the Great Dane, German Shepherd, Husky or Dalmatian

Your pet’s hygiene

The topic of walking immediately brings to mind another association – cleanliness. During their daily romp in the grass, your dog can get dirty not only with mud but also with the excrement of other animals. The more intense the smell, the more the dog is drawn there. So remember to groom your dog regularly. Wash him with specially designed products. Don’t forget about trimming his claws or checking his ears. Especially in the summer, inspect your dog thoroughly after every long walk. Despite using tick collars and shampoos, you may still find that your dog has caught ticks. In this situation, don’t hesitate – if you’ve never dealt with ticks before, head to the vet right away!

Main photo: Zen Chung/Pexels

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