Self-defense gadgets – which ones to choose?

Self-defense gadgets – which ones to choose?
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In situations where there is an immediate threat to your life, it is a good idea to have a weapon that will allow you to defend yourself from danger. You have a choice of many items that can save you from a potential aggressor.


Very similar to a tactical pen, it is also lightweight, easy to carry, simple to use and quite effective when used defensively. You can use this type of weapon against your sternum or in the worst case scenario against your neck or face to avoid a stronger attack. Kubotans can be easily carried in purses or pockets and fit well on key chains.

Personal alarms

Instead of physical weapons, sound weapons can be quite effective in defending against an attack. Personal security alarms not only penetrate an attacker’s ears, potentially causing confusion and disorientation, but they also alert passersby and other witnesses to limit a criminal’s ability to freely carry out an assault. Easy to carry, legal everywhere, and completely safe, personal security alarms can truly save lives.

Telescopic baton

A baton is quite a versatile tool as it can be used for a variety of reasons, including self-defense. Batons mimic the most basic self-defense weapon – a stick – which makes them very easy for any person to use. With this in mind, lessons in self-defense techniques with these weapons are recommended if you choose to carry one for defensive purposes. A baton used for physical protection can be taken from an inexperienced user and then used against them


A strong metal flashlight can also serve as a great self-defense weapon. Like a baton, used to strike an attacker’s collarbone, arms or legs, a flashlight is certainly a non-lethal form of self-defense. As with other devices, it pays to know how to use such a tool. Of course, flashlights can be carried anywhere legally and are generally a great device; but make sure you know the law and how and where to strike.

Photo by Mkohamed Nuzrarth/Pixabay

Tactical pen

Tactical pens are easy to carry, legal, and can be used quickly and effectively for self-defense. It doesn’t take much training to effectively use this powerful, compact weapon for personal protection. Simply grab a tactical pen and strike your opponent in the chest, collarbone or face. When striking the eyes, throat, top or back of the head, this weapon, while compact, can become potentially deadly. So be careful how much force you use and exactly where you intend to strike.

Pepper gas

Another ranged weapon. Pepper gas is simple to use, can be used at a distance, and is easy to carry. The only downside is that it relies mostly on pain, as it does not incapacitate people by attacking any physiological structure like a taser does. With this in mind, pepper spray can light up the area around the eyes if used properly, and thus make it much harder for the attacker to see and carry out the attack.

Stun gun

Stun guns are very effective as a non-lethal self-defense weapon. They are easy to carry and can deliver a powerful and painful shock. When comparing a stun gun to pepper spray, unfortunately stun guns cannot be used at a distance and are generally unable to completely incapacitate an attacker.


If given the option, choose a self-defense weapon that can be used at a distance, An electric stun gun (aka taser) is quick and easy to use, easy to carry, and of course legal. Stun guns are available in many locations and offer all of the above features so we especially recommend them to anyone looking for a non-lethal self-defense weapon that is compact and effective.

Photo by Agustin Fernandez/Unsplash

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