Drinks in a masculine edition – which ones are worth reaching for?

Drinks in a masculine edition – which ones are worth reaching for?
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The best drinks for men

Men are often considered to be real beer drinkers. However, they like to have a drink, especially if it has a slight taste of vodka or whiskey. Men’s drinks are a little less sweet, although men also love the taste of liqueurs or fruit juice. Here are the best suggestions for men’s drinks for a house party.


As we mentioned, men like the tart taste of beer. The U-Boot drink will definitely make us feel relaxed. It is strong and has quite a surprising taste. It consists of a glass of vodka and a chilled beer. Pour about 400 ml of beer into the mug, leaving some space between the rim of the mug and the foam. Place the vodka glass gently into the mug so that it hits the very bottom. The beer will become stronger and the interesting appearance of the drink will surely surprise your friends

Tipsy Bartender – U-boat

Mojito Drinks

The sour taste of a mojito is sure to appeal to every guy. Just prepare lime, white rum, vodka, crushed ice and some brown sugar. Don’t forget the refreshing mint. Cover the crushed ice with a few teaspoons of brown sugar. Add the rum and then 50 ml of vodka. Add sparkling water and sugar syrup or lime juice. It is also a good idea to squeeze fresh lime juice into the crushed ice. Many bartenders first whisk a few lime segments, then add sugar, crushed ice, and finally alcohol and lime juice, topping off the glass with sparkling water. If you like unusual modifications, you can add Sprite to the drink instead of water. The drink will be even more refreshing if you crush a few sprigs of fresh mint along with the lime.


The martini was popularized in 1915 by a bartender from New York named Marini. Thanks to him, this drink became so popular. It consists of 2/3 ml of gin, 1/3 ml of Martini Dry vermouth, and a teaspoon of Orange Bitters orange liqueur.

Southern Cola

The drink consists of 40 ml of Southern Comfort liqueur. It is made with a Bourbon Whiskey base, additionally flavored with peaches and oranges, which somewhat mask its bitter aftertaste. Also added are 20 ml of cherry liqueur and 10 ml of triple sec curacao and 100 ml of cola. The drink looks perfect with a slice of orange

Classic Irish Coffee

Many men like coffee, but the version with alcohol will be even tastier. It was created in 1943, when airlines began to offer tea with alcohol. The Irish traditionally preferred coffee, which is why the very famous Irish-style coffee was created, which the ladies also loved. For one glass of this drink we will need 40 ml of Irish whiskey, as well as 20 ml of whipped cream and of course 120 ml of hot espresso. The whipped cream is often garnished with cocoa powder. This drink will be perfect for cold autumn days.

Irish Coffee -Irish Coffee | How to Drink


This is a drink based on sugar cane alcohol and white rum and lime. Brown sugar and crushed ice are also added to the drink.


This is a real hurricane among drinks for men. The combination of white and dark rum with fruit syrup or grenadine and pineapple juice gives a very pleasant taste sensation. You can also add passion fruit juice and black currant juice. The sweet taste will be broken by the juice of a freshly squeezed lime. An interesting addition is sliced ginger.

Blue Lagoon

This is a popular drink for the summer. It can be prepared with vodka, curacao, which has a characteristic blue color and lemon juice. Many people love it with orange juice. Of course, ice and lime are indispensable to garnish the drink. Like the mojito, it is served in a long glass.

Malibu Kamikaze

Malibu is a very popular coconut liqueur. It is produced from sugar cane with the addition of coconut flavor. It goes perfectly with milk, but also with pineapple and orange juices. It also tastes good with Coca-Cola and Sprite. Malibu Kamikaze is a combination of Malibu, lemon vodka, orange liqueur and fresh lime juice.

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