Traits of men that appeal to women

Traits of men that appeal to women
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Some women know what kind of men they are looking for. Others subconsciously look for someone in their partner who will be an ideal for them. Our ideas about the ideal partner may differ, but in most cases we know what we want. Let us check what qualities a woman looks for in a man.


Many women emphasize that they love it when their partner takes care of them, thinks about their needs or simply helps them with everyday chores. Caring can be based on showing interest in our needs on a daily basis. It is also often simple gestures that let a woman know that someone is concerned and cares about her. Through caring a man shows that he cares about his partner and wants the best for her. In this way, he also wants to show his love and affection, which is very much appreciated by women


Another quality of men that is valued by women is showing respect. It is also about the way a man addresses them and other people. Showing respect by a man speaks very well of him and makes a woman able to trust him. Showing respect to the woman of his life and other people shows that a man has a lot of personal culture, but also humility. He doesn’t want to be the navel of the world, he takes into account and respects the opinion of others and doesn’t want to impose himself. He gives the woman the freedom to make her own decisions and treats her as an equal. He does not try to make her dependent on him. These are very important qualities in a man, because they make a woman feel safe, but also allow her to develop

Showing affection

When a man is affectionate, a woman is confident that she will be able to feel comfortable with him. The fair sex is much more likely to show their affection towards their partner, but they often demand the same from their other half. She likes to be adored, but also wants to know that her partner still loves her and is interested in her. Many men unfortunately assume that once a woman hears that she is loved, it is enough for the rest of her life. Women like it when a man shows his interest in her person. Not only are they much more confident of their position in the relationship, but they have no doubts whether their partner still desires and loves them.

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Women appreciate and respect intelligent men. A smart and intelligent man is a much more reliable material for a future husband. They feel at ease when everyday matters are not left to their own devices. They can count on wise advice and support when they need it most. An intelligent man is also much more understanding, he wants the best for his partner and always finds a solution to any problems that arise.

Sense of humor

Everyday life can unfortunately become very overwhelming, which is why many women look for men with a sense of humor. Thanks to loosening the atmosphere through jokes it is much easier for us to live in more difficult times. Men who can make their woman laugh are also sexier and seem to be relaxed. They allow themselves to laugh and distance themselves, which makes everyday problems less scary and overwhelming for us


Even if a man is a true god of sex and attracts us strongly towards him, he can quickly disappoint us if he is not mature and responsible. Many women seek men who are responsible because they feel safe with them. When we want to build a serious relationship based on respect and love, then we look for a partner who will not leave us when difficulties arise and will help us through the worst period in our lives. This is the kind of men that women appreciate the most and feel very comfortable with


Many women like sincere and natural men, who will not create themselves as macho. They prefer men who know their good and bad sides and don’t hide behind a facade of an unattainable ideal. A mature woman knows that everyday life is not only about showering each other with rose petals and amorous raptures. They often just want to feel comfortable with their partner, who is not hiding anything either. This way they know that they themselves do not have to pretend in front of him. They also know that a sincere and natural partner will not hide from them when they feel worse or have strange habits

Some qualities in an ideal man are a bit difficult to combine. However, the most important thing is that in a relationship a woman feels appreciated, but also respected and loved. If she feels that she is important, then other qualities in a man go down the drain. We can be with a very serious partner who seems uptight and not much fun, but we feel that he loves us deeply and is trying to make things as good as possible for us. This feeling is more important than the fact that our partner will shower us with funny jokes.

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