Is sexuality an important part of a relationship?

Is sexuality an important part of a relationship?
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There is no one-size-fits-all recipe for a successful relationship. For many people, in addition to emotional closeness, a satisfying intimate life is equally important.

How can sexuality affect a relationship?

There is really no clear-cut answer to this question, because every relationship is based on different foundations and partners have different expectations of it. While for some couples sex is one of the most important pillars of their relationship, for others it is not so important. A successful sex life can translate positively into other areas of the relationship, bringing satisfaction and fulfillment, and increasing the sense of closeness between partners.

However many experts believe that a relationship based only on sex, which is not accompanied by a deeper relationship has no chance to survive, and its basis should be primarily a deep emotional and psychological bond. Sexuality is undoubtedly of great importance at the beginning of the relationship, while at later stages of the relationship the erotic bond between partners often weakens.

Sexual problems in a relationship

Many couples have to deal with problems regarding their intimate life at some point, and these can arise at different stages of a relationship for a number of reasons. Sometimes they are only temporary, but if they last for a long time it is worth looking for the source of these crises. Very often lack of sexual satisfaction in partners is a result of relationship boredom. After some time passion and mutual fascination give way to the mundane of everyday life. Numerous duties, and thus less time for the partner, excessive stress and prolonged fatigue cause that we begin to distance ourselves from our half. As a result, growing frustration and constant dissatisfaction make partners feel less desire for sex and physical closeness.

Sometimes failures in the intimate sphere are related to various sexual disorders. In case of men these are for example problems with erection. In such a situation, the use of pharmacological agents may be helpful. Potency drugs such as viagra or kamagra, thanks to the active ingredient sildenafil contained in them, allow the right amount of blood to flow into the corpora cavernosa in the penis. This way they restore the ability to achieve an erection and prolong it. Problems in bed may also result from difficulties in achieving orgasm and lowered libido due to, for example, various hormonal disorders.

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How to rekindle the atmosphere in your relationship?

It happens that in relationships, especially those with a long history, as time goes by partners start to drift apart and sex life no longer brings them as much satisfaction as it did at the beginning of the relationship. In such cases it is worthwhile to ask ourselves what this situation may result from and together try to find the best solution. Of course there is no single recipe that would work for all couples. What is important, however, is proper communication between partners and talking openly about your feelings and needs. Sometimes you may want to go back to the beginning of your relationship and think about what had a positive impact on your intimate life back then. This can be a good start to repairing your relationship and rekindle fading feelings. It might also be a good idea to go on a trip together or have a romantic dinner together.

In case you see that you are not able to cope with all the problems on your own, it is worth considering couple’s therapy with a sexologist. Many people may at first be reluctant to make such a visit, but thanks to it you will be able to look from a completely different perspective on your relationship and see what really is the source of all the misunderstandings. Based on conversations and interviews, the specialist will choose the best therapeutic methods. However, such therapy will only be effective if each partner shows equal commitment.

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