What women do not like in men? Find out what traits and behaviors annoy them the most

What women do not like in men? Find out what traits and behaviors annoy them the most
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Women are very different from men and vice versa. We often can not understand each other, we are irritated by many things in behavior, character, way of being. What women can’t stand in men? We present a list of the most popular traits and behaviors that women just hate.

Looking at other women

Number one on the list is a very typical behavior because it is looking at other women. This is often accidental, unconsciously following a girl on the street or peeking into the cleavage of a waitress, but the partner often feels insecure, suspects a loss of interest in her, and fears for her position. Ostentatious staring at other women (and even more so at their assets) is a complete lack of respect, and such a man will be crossed out on a date.

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Carelessness and clutter

Old socks in the middle of the room a myth? Not for a good portion of women. The fairer sex pays close attention to how a man behaves in a domestic setting, where he leaves things, and how he goes about arranging them. It turns out that they try to be inquisitive, suggesting their appearance. Creased clothes or dirty and tangled hair will indicate sloppiness. A man, just like a woman, should be able to take care of himself. He does not have to go to the hairdresser’s once a week, but it is worth to visit him from time to time, remember about daily hygiene and clean and tidy clothes.

Greed or stinginess

Even on the first date, women pay attention to how a man behaves when paying (or not) the bill in a restaurant or movie theater. This doesn’t mean that a guy has to be extravagant and take his partner right away to expensive places and flaunt his wallet, but a man who ostentatiously tries to save money on everything at every step will not be an attractive party for a woman


Women very carefully analyze some statements of men. If they hear a chauvinistic joke or comment in company, they will immediately notice it as a lack of respect for women in general. Assurances such as “but you are different” will not help here, nor will turning everything into a joke be effective.

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Man – the jungle

Each of us grew up in specific conditions. We approach older and younger people differently, we show respect or lack of respect to the other person differently. If a man behaves in a company like a bully (e.g. uses horrible vocabulary), a woman does not count on being treated completely differently. Often the fair sex tries to “feel out” a man in typical situations. Isn’t the smile on his face sometimes a cover, and doesn’t his true nature reveal itself in small words or gestures?


Women expect from men decisiveness, support in various decisions, also in life. They need clear answers and even declarations, even though at the initial stage no one has to be sure of their choices yet. They don’t like it when a man instead of a clear “yes” or “no” says “I don’t know”, as if he wasn’t able to make any declarations himself. They also want men to deliver on their promises.

Women versus men

Differences between men and women are not new. Women often fail to understand men and men fail to understand women, and in this area it is difficult to change anything if not with a frank conversation.

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