Strength training – what should you know about it?

Strength training – what should you know about it?
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What exactly is strength training? What kind of exercises consist of it? We have to be aware that thanks to this kind of effort we can do at least several beneficial things for ourselves. It is worth the effort to work out in a gym in order to sculpt your figure, lose weight and most of all, your health.

What does strength training consist of?

First of all, it is necessary to confirm the opinion, that strength training is a very difficult type of physical exercises, during which either own body weight or external load is used. It is mainly performed in the gym, but you can also arrange to do it at home.

Is strength training only for men?

In practice, this type of exercise is mainly associated with men due to the fact that the loads here are heavy and very great discipline is required. However, we cannot in any way discriminate against women, who more and more often take the trouble of such training and perform it with great success

Why do we decide to do strength training?

When it comes to undertaking such exercises, the motivations can be varied. The reason for constant exercise may be the desire to increase your muscle mass. Then non-exercise elements will also be important – primarily diet, but also sleep or hydration. In women the effects of strength training in the form of development of muscles will also appear, but they will not be so significant

Not only a silhouette, but also strength and health

It turns out, however, that the key to the usefulness of strength training is its versatility. You can compose a set of exercises in such a way that it supports muscle strength. This can have a very positive effect on the health of the person exercising regularly, as bones and joints are also strengthened

Strength training for older people

Although this type of exercise, as already mentioned, is primarily associated with well-built men in the gym, it can also be useful for the elderly. Performed according to their capabilities, they can, among other things, strengthen bone density (fight osteoporosis) or prevent the loss of muscle mass in older people.

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How is weight delivered during strength training?

In a situation where the exercises take place in a gym, you can use free weight. For this purpose, one reaches for dumbbells, kettlebells, barbells or medicine ball. Alternatively, you can use the machines provided for this, which work using isolated movement. Instruments such as a crane or an atlas work well in this case. Sometimes resistance bands are also used. It is worth diversifying your exercises, especially if you have a well-equipped gym and there is a good opportunity to do so.

How does strength training work?

Strength training is a type of anaerobic training. It involves high muscle fiber activation and rapid fat loss. It usually consists of several selected exercises that are repeated in short series of 3 to 5 repetitions. Between them there is a break for a short regeneration

The most important is the goal

The goal we set for ourselves largely determines the course of strength training. It can be more or less intense, with a different number of repetitions and the use of more or less weight. Even intervals can be shorter if the goal is very ambitious, or longer for a more cautious workout. Speaking of the goal, we must also remember that training for strength will be different from training for endurance


Proper effects of strength training will be visible only when we ensure regularity of exercises. It is therefore worth working on your motivation from the very beginning. If it is lacking or not high enough, we risk the risk that at a certain stage it will be difficult for us to maintain the enthusiasm and the workout performed so far will be lost.

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