Circuit training – what do you need to know about it?

Circuit training – what do you need to know about it?
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What is circuit training, what does it consist of and which exercises should beginners use? It’s worth finding out a bit more about this popular method, which allows you to combine time saving and high intensity training

What is circuit training?

When we use this term, we mean training consisting of circuits containing purposefully selected exercises. Those are chosen which simultaneously involve the greatest possible number of different muscle parts. First of all we are talking about:

  • fat burning exercises,
  • physical activity to strengthen the body (circulation, heart, lungs),
  • body sculpting exercises.

In contrast to strength training, it is not so stressful for the joints, which makes it ideal for people who are beginning their adventure with increased physical activity. An additional advantage of such exercises is that we can determine the number of exercises, the number of circuits and breaks.

What are the benefits?

The big benefit is that circuit training is extremely high intensity with less time spent on exercise. Its action is so unusual that it uses the effect of the so-called “oxygen debt” phenomenon. Our body burns calories even after we have finished exercising. Circuit training with an appropriate layout of exercises is also recommended for elderly people because it prevents osteoporosis

Who is recommended to do circuit training?

It is stressed that circuit training is a good option regardless of gender – it works for both men and women. In addition, quite a large possibility of modification of the training plan allows you, for example, to put more emphasis on a particular part of muscles, which we particularly care about.

Photo: Valery Sysoey/Unsplash

What types of exercises make up circuit training?

A very big advantage of circuit training is its versatility. It manifests itself in the fact that such sets of exercises can be done both at home and at the gym. Examples of exercises at home are:

  • lunges,
  • intervals,
  • sit-ups,
  • stretches,
  • squats,
  • plank,
  • free climbing,
  • boxing,
  • jumping rope,
  • bridge,
  • russian twist,
  • jumping jacks,
  • elbow to knee support.

However, much greater opportunities give the use of the gym. The biggest thing in this case is that in this place we will find a wealth of equipment and items useful for performing various exercises. Waiting for us here, among others, step, bosu, plates, dumbbells, barbell or kettlebell.

What to remember at the beginning?

As with any training, so in this case, it is worth to gradually implement the exercises – this applies especially to people who have not exercised anything so far. In case of beginners, a better solution will be circuit training oriented on mass/strength. As a result muscles get a kind of shock. Thanks to that they are more strongly stimulated to strong growth

In case of strength/sculpture oriented circuit training, proper exercise technique is extremely important. That is why it is better done by intermediate people. It is also worth adding that if we want to lose weight, we should first of all bet on exercises which raise our heart rate very much. The point is to turn up the metabolism. In case of efforts to build mass, multi-joint exercises should prevail.

What are the contraindications for circuit training?

The training itself is relatively safe, but contraindications for its undertaking may be e.g. recent injuries and traumas, progressive osteoporosis, locomotor system diseases, epilepsy, cardiovascular diseases or postural defects. This form of activity is also inappropriate for pregnant women.

When can we expect the effects of circuit training?

The popularity of circuit training is undoubtedly related to the promise of quick results. However, you should be aware that such results come at a high price. It consists of a combination of high intensity training with its regularity. Without this, not only will the achievement of the goal not come so quickly, but it may not even happen

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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