New car battery – which one to choose?

New car battery – which one to choose?
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Choosing a new piece of car equipment is always associated with big dilemmas. They are especially significant when it comes to the battery. What parameters should characterize such equipment? What to pay particular attention? We suggest.

Basic issues: gather the most important information

We must realize that buying and using the wrong battery can not only be ineffective or a pointless expense of money, but can also be dangerous. So you need to look at the instructions of the manufacturer of the car. There you will find the necessary data for choosing the optimal model of battery

Battery size

Why is the size of the device so important? In situation when it has unusual size, it can simply not fit in place, which was designed for it. You should protect yourself against such unpleasant surprises during installation.

Adjusting battery capacity

Although we may be tempted to buy a device with significantly increased capacity, such a choice is not always an optimal solution. It can happen that alternator cannot cope with fully charged equipment

CCA – cold start current

Also, this parameter should be chosen in moderation. We can bet on a higher value in order to start the engine more easily, but sometimes we will pay for it an additional cost. It will be a much greater burden on the electrical wiring.

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What types of batteries we can choose from?

The market of car batteries is quite wide. We can find on it devices of high technical and price variety. The cheapest we can buy already for more than 200 zlotys, but this will not always be the right choice. Usually we will consider between:

  • serviced batteries – this is the simplest lead-acid battery, where through plugs you can replenish the level of electrolyte; in its case, you need to check the state of liquid from time to time; it applies only to cars from more than ten years ago (before 2005);
  • maintenance free batteries – calcium-silver technology is used to produce this device; the name comes from the fact that such device does not require periodical topping up and checking of electrolyte level
  • eFB batteries – a type of battery that is recommended for cars operating in economy start-stop mode; it is used in newer machines
  • aGM batteries – efficient and resistant to cyclic operation, especially used in cars equipped with braking energy recovery system, valuable in hybrid vehicles;
  • sealed, gel and spiral batteries – these batteries have a significantly increased resistance to shocks and damage caused by them; hence, they are often equipped with off-road or sports cars;
  • deep Cycle batteries – devices resistant to slow discharge – ideal e.g. for campers that are rarely used.

Important rules of buying battery: it is worth to be guided by them!

What else should we remember when we want to buy new battery? First of all, it is important to buy it in store giving warranty and having reputation. This will allow us not only to insure ourselves in case of buying defective battery or its quick failure, but also we will get additional expert help and service. Also, choosing a good brand of equipment can be a safe solution for people who have no experience, but want to buy a good battery.

Battery voltage

It is discouraged to buy equipment that has a voltage level below 12.55 volts. Lower may indicate that the battery has been sitting on the store shelf for quite a long time.

Starting tests

Specialized stores that sell batteries have starter testers. When buying it is worth to ask seller to make such a test with us.

Not always cheapest is good

Although we can feel temptation to cut costs, we should not delude ourselves with long work of battery bought for a penny. It is worth to add even several hundred zloty to buy a device suitable for several years of operation

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