Bicycle season is in full swing. What bike to choose for yourself?

Bicycle season is in full swing. What bike to choose for yourself?
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At the beginning of spring, when the weather becomes more stable, many people are looking for the perfect bike. Bicycle tours are becoming more and more popular in our country. If you still don’t know what unicycle will be perfect for you, be sure to read this article!

Criteria for choosing a bike

To choose the perfect bike, you need to know what conditions you will be riding in. Do you prefer straight dirt roads or mountain trails? It must be adapted to the surface. Each type of unicycle features a different frame design, as well as shock absorption

Here are the most popular types of bikes

  1. Mountain bikes – MTB – this model of bike is ideal for slippery and steep surfaces, plus it has ergonomically shaped grips and wider tires. It is also characterized by much better shock absorption, so riding over stones or hills is not a problem. The frame is additionally stiffened and a bit heavier than in the case of city bikes. You will definitely notice much more powerful brakes and more derailleurs in this model. If you like to go from flat terrain to mountainous terrain for a while, then this bike will be perfect for you.
  2. City bikes – great for getting around town and for long distances. They have a lightweight frame and are designed to fit baskets or a carrier, so you can easily carry your shopping. They also usually have much narrower tires, making it easier to ride on asphalt or dirt roads. A city bike, otherwise known as a recreational bike, is easier to ride thanks to its narrower tires, even if you’re not very fit. It is dedicated to road users who need eco-friendly and comfortable transport to work or school
  3. Road bike for real cyclists – these bikes weigh little, and their aerodynamic shape and light frame make riding even on long distances not tiring. When descending they can reach speeds of up to 60 km/h!
  4. Cross bike or trekking bike for undecided – when looking for a universal bike, it is best to choose a model that combines the comfort of an urban bike with mountain BMX. The diameter of the wheels on such bikes is slightly smaller than for mountain bikes. In addition, the rims and tires are reinforced, which allows you to overcome trails with asphalt, as well as those less level. Lighter construction is also used in these models, allowing for more efficient maneuvering.
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Bike size and construction

When choosing a bike, it is very important to choose the right frame size. For shorter people, unicycles that have a frame length of 52 to 54 cm are recommended. In a bicycle store we should be able to try on a given model for our leg length. When the pedal is in the lower position, your foot should reach it without any problems. Additionally, it is worth checking if your leg is slightly bent and if you don’t have to press the pedals with your toes. It is also necessary to check if we can get off the bike quickly and if we can straighten up on the saddle.

What are the characteristics of a dirt bike?

A dirt bike is a bike designed for dirt jumping, an extreme sport discipline that consists of impressive tricks and jumps. These models have light and stiff frames, usually made of aluminum or carbon. They are characterized by smaller dimensions and compact frame. They are unique for their sharp head angle and strongly lowered top tube. It descends so that the saddle is also placed low. It is mainly used for evolution, as it is not suitable for long sitting. On this type of bike you are more likely to maneuver in the air, hence the design and placement of the saddle. For dirt and street riding, models with a lower placed frame made of resistant carbon are recommended.

Main photo: Jonny Kennaugh/Unsplash

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