The Yoyo Craze: Why Everyone Loves Yo Yo Toys

The Yoyo Craze: Why Everyone Loves Yo Yo Toys
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While it’s true that yo-yo toys have been around since the very beginning of toys, thanks to their enduring popularity and resurgence in recent years, they are once again becoming one of the best-selling toy items in America. In fact, many toy stores are having a hard time keeping this classic toy on their shelves because it’s so popular with both children and adults alike! Let’s take an in-depth look at why everyone loves yo yo toys so much.


A yoyo is a toy that consists of an axle connected to two disks, joined by a string. The user holds the free end of the string and throws the yoyo into the air; it spins as it rises. As the yoyo reaches its peak, the player pulls their hand back down, causing the yoyo to fly up and return to their hand. A yoyo can also be used in a variety of tricks that emulate other amusing objects like animals or people.


Yo-yos have been around for over a century, but in the last few years, they’ve seen a resurgence in popularity, driven by YouTube tutorials and people’s desire to get back to a simpler, more playful time. They’re also just really fun. Here’s how to play! 

1. Hold the yo-yo between your thumb and index finger with the string wrapped around your index finger. 

2. Swing it up and down as fast as you can and move your arm from side to side. The yo-yo will go up higher when you swing it faster. 

3. When the yo-yo is at its highest point, quickly jerk your wrist so that it spins downwards on its string. When you do this correctly, the yo-yo will grab onto the string of its own accord and return upwards without any help from you. 

4. Keep swinging and jerking until the yo-yo starts spinning too slowly to catch itself on its own. When this happens, just take hold of the end of the string and let go so that it snaps back into place at top speed! You might not want to use the same hand that you used before because it will tire you out. Continue playing with both hands until one becomes tired again, then switch hands.

Yo-yo toys are super easy to use and come in all sorts of different styles (and price points!). Pick one out today or challenge your friends or family members to a duel!


Yo-yos come in many shapes and sizes. There are small, plastic yoyos that are great for beginners and large, metal yoyos that are perfect for more advanced players. Some yoyos have a string on both sides of the yo-yo which is helpful for tricks like looping or trapezing. Other yoyos have a string on only one side of the yo-yo which helps with tricks like sleeper or slacks. A two-handed yo-yo allows you to catch the yo-yo with your hands instead of just your fingertips. One-handed yoyos are better for doing tricks and stunts because they leave one hand free to help balance yourself while you play. When you buy a yoyo toy, there are usually some extra strings included in case yours break.


I love yo-yo toys because they are so easy to use and can be used for so many different things. I think that the best way to play with a yo-yo is by using it as a prop for different activities. Some of my favourite games include one person being it and the other person having to walk around trying not to get tagged by it. The other person has to spin the yo-yo on their finger and then throw it at the ground, making it bounce up in an arc toward the other player who needs to catch it on their finger and then quickly pull it back down without letting go of the string. 

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