Antiperspirant for men – which one should I use?

Antiperspirant for men – which one should I use?
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Antiperspirants not only eliminate odor, but also inhibit sweat. They contain aluminum salts that come into contact with moisture, dissolve and form a gel. This allows them to act as a temporary barrier over your sweat glands. They allow less sweat to reach the skin’s surface. Check which antiperspirant to choose!

What’s the problem?

If you only have an odour problem, you can reach for a deodorant. If you suffer from excessive sweating, try a good, clinically tested anti-perspirant. A cosmetic with 15% aluminum chloride will work well. It will provide effective protection from excessive perspiration in any situation, giving you that extra boost of confidence.

Whether you choose a deodorant or an antiperspirant, make sure it matches your skin type. If you have sensitive underarms or medical conditions such as eczema or psoriasis, try an unscented formula. If your skin tends to dry out, reach for a product with a soft texture or added conditioners.

Antiperspirants in sticks

Antiperspirants in sticks are still very popular. They are not only effective in inhibiting sweat production, but also care for your skin. They are usually small and handy, so you can easily put them in your backpack or bag. You can pair them with your favorite perfume or cologne because they have no or subtle scent.

Spray antiperspirants

These cosmetics usually contain alcohol, which cools and disinfects. As such, they work great in hot weather. However, if you have sensitive skin, opt for an alcohol-free antiperspirant so you don’t have to worry about irritation. In this case, look for a talcum powder that absorbs moisture without leaving wet spots on your clothes. However, you can expect white marks on your clothes. Unfortunately, you may have trouble removing them. If you like wearing black, buy a special antiperspirant that protects against dirt.

Cosmetics in cream

If you have sensitive skin, opt for a cream antiperspirant. It protects against irritation and cares for your skin. Usually does not leave unsightly stains on your clothes. It doesn’t irritate your skin, so you can use it right after epilation. Look for a product that contains talc, which is great for absorbing moisture and leaves a delicate scent. But avoid it if you have dry skin problems.

Roll-on antiperspirants

Many manufacturers also offer anti-perspirants in a roll-on. They usually have a pleasant, refreshing, delicate scent that energizes you. They take the form of a gel or liquid. They start working as soon as they are applied to the skin and, importantly, do not irritate it. Wait for the product to dry before getting dressed. Otherwise it can leave unsightly stains on your fabric

How to use antiperspirant?

Interestingly, antiperspirant is best applied at night. Sweat glands then have more time to absorb aluminum. Your body temperature decreases at night, so you sweat less. This allows the product to absorb quietly into the skin and inhibit sweat production. You don’t need to reapply it in the morning, even after showering. Once the aluminum has penetrated the sweat glands, water won’t wash it off. But showering right after applying antiperspirant will reduce the effectiveness of the cosmetic. Remember to wait a bit.

Antiperspirant is stronger than a standard deodorant, so it can irritate sensitive skin. Do not use directly after shaving or on cracked, moist or irritated skin. Unlike deodorant, you can use it in a variety of places, such as under your arms, on your hands, feet, face, back and chest. Do not use antiperspirant on sensitive areas such as your groin without first consulting your doctor. When choosing a product, check how long it lasts. Choose one that suits your lifestyle and level of perspiration. The product may contain active ingredients such as aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate and aluminum hydroxybromide. Remember that some ingredients work better than others.

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