Is it worth using dating apps?

Is it worth using dating apps?
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The pandemic and the strictures associated with it have had a huge impact on how we meet people today. Private parties, clubbing, spontaneous outings on the town or vacation trips we all miss it. So is dating out of the question? Well, no dating apps have gained popularity. Is it a good place for making new acquaintances and looking for the other half?

Dating apps in Poland – basic data

How many Poles use dating apps? It is estimated that currently it is already over 3 out of 27 million people who use the Internet in Poland. Both the pandemic and current trends contribute to the increase in the number of users. The number of older users of such apps will also increase more and more

The most popular dating apps in Poland

Which of the popular dating apps in our country are the most popular? Of course, in first place is Tinder. It was created in 2012 and has gained an incredibly strong position in the world thanks to its instinctive use and the ability to establish very fast interactions through photos, videos and descriptions. Besides it, popular ones are:

  • Badoo,
  • Sympathy,
  • AdoptFace,
  • Facebook Dating,
  • MyDouble

Do dating portals work?

A lot depends on what your goals are. Some people want to meet a partner there for a long time – sometimes with the prospect of marriage. Others treat Tinder, Badoo or Sympatia as a way to enter into casual relationships. Last year was also a time when many people were looking for a chance to talk via these apps – they are a substitute for the real social life lost due to the pandemic


Women are the minority on dating portals. Their profiles are of much greater interest and it is often up to them to decide whether or not they will make an acquaintance with another user. This puts them in a privileged position. It is certainly easier for them to make new friends. However, the problem often lies in the quality of these relationships. Statistically, there are still more women in such places who are oriented towards making long-term acquaintances, which may not be obvious to many male users of such portals.


Men have a slightly more difficult life on dating portals. This often translates into a smaller number of matches. This makes it even more important that they are able to present their profile in an interesting way (photos, descriptions and other information about themselves). Of course it is also good to be able to start and lead a conversation in an interesting way.

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Advantages of dating portals

Why is it worth it? During the pandemic, an undoubted advantage of such applications is the ease of establishing relationships in a safe and fast way. At the same time we remain relatively anonymous – it is us who decide how much other users will learn from our photos or descriptions. It is also worth noting that we decide which people we will talk to. In the case of most portals, we can filter other profiles by age, distance from our place of stay, and even declared views.

Disadvantages of dating portals

A disadvantage of dating portals is that we may meet dishonest people in the network, whose appearance or intentions may in reality be radically different from those declared on the profile. Additionally, it is much more difficult to get to know another person through an instant messenger than during conversations in the real world. That is why many people who have experience with dating applications advise to quickly transfer virtual acquaintances to reality, so that you can actually meet a person who may seem more and more close to you online.

Beware of people who take advantage of others’ credulity and feelings in order to get rich. In recent months there have been many cases of men and women using their accounts on dating websites to make new acquaintances only to extort money. Of course, these are few and marginal cases, but it is better to keep the principle of limited trust. Keeping all this in mind, however, there is no need to cross out dating sites. Especially during the pandemic, they are a good idea and a way to meet someone interesting.

Photo Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

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