Men’s suit – how to choose the right one?

Men’s suit – how to choose the right one?
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What to look for when choosing a men’s suit? Should we be guided by fashion, the brand’s reputation or the quality of the material? The answer to these questions is not easy, but it is worth asking yourself. Why? If only to look elegant and classy during important events. Here are the things you should remember about.

First of all, the size. What size should you choose?

There is nothing worse than a suit that is too big or too small. How to perfectly fit it to your figure? It is worth to focus on the jacket first. It is well-fitted when:

  • only slightly adheres to the figure,
  • ends just behind the buttocks,
  • the sleeves do not cover the entire cuffs

Why is it so important? It is mostly about keeping the proportions of the silhouette. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that the sleeves of the jacket reach halfway to our hands when they are loosely lowered along the torso

The jacket can’t be too tight

We may also have a problem with a jacket that is too tight. Certainly, if it is too tight, we will not look favorably. How to know that it is not the size for us? This will be indicated by unsightly wrinkling of the material. We should pay special attention to the waist, lapels, armpit area and back

How to choose the trouser size?

First of all, it is important that the legs are not too long. The legs should gently fall on the upper part of the shoe upper. Wrinkled legs will spoil the whole effect. However, it is better to choose pants which are a bit too long – they can always be shortened at a dressmaker’s or rolled up. If they are too short, there is nothing you can do.

How to choose a suit? Basic types

Suits can be divided into several categories. The first concerns the number of elements, the second the appearance of the suit, and the third the degree of formality.

Number of elements of the suit

  • Two-piece suit – consists of a jacket and pants. It is currently more popular than the three-piece proposals. It is slightly less elegant, but with the right color and pattern, it will be suitable not only for work, where the dress code requires it, but also for a wedding or a business meeting
  • Three-piece suit: more elegant, classic, now often chosen as the groom’s outfit at weddings and weddings. It consists of pants, a jacket and a vest. Usually all three elements are sewn from the same material, but sometimes the vest is different – for example white with graphite other parts of the outfit

Jacket appearance

  • Single-breasted suit: one, two or three buttons are sewn in a row. This type of jacket is very functional and practical. The last button should be unbuttoned. When sitting down, unbutton all of them.
  • Double-breasted suit: is a distant relative of military uniforms. Although a man looks impressive in it, it is not very practical. It is worth adding that such a jacket should not be unbuttoned when sitting down

It is also important to bet on a suit made of good material. Woolen and woolen suits are good options for big events. Linen, cotton and corduroy, on the other hand, are good materials for casual styling

How formal is a particular suit?

Suits are mainly divided into elegant evening, daytime and summer suits. The first of these is characterized by a dark color: black, graphite or dark blue. Three-piece and two-piece models are most applicable here. A bow tie and pillowcase, if well chosen, also add a touch of chic. Day suit, in turn, is a model intended for work or a business meeting. The color and pattern should be chosen according to the dress code, which prevails in our company or industry in which we work. Summer suit is usually a model made of light and airy materials. It should be light and airy

Basic suit styles

Popular types of suits include:

  • slim – by wearing them, we will emphasize mainly the chest and shoulders. Well-fitted to the figure, they show off the muscles well.
  • classic – they are very comfortable, do not cling to the figure – so it is worth choosing the right size

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