Mistakes to avoid after training

Mistakes to avoid after training
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Are you sure you’re not making any post-workout mistakes? It turns out that even people who exercise frequently and intensely tend to forget about important recovery issues. Read our article to make sure you’re not skipping anything!

Skipping Stretching

Every workout should start with a warm-up and end with a series of stretching exercises. Exercise makes muscles tense and stiff, and joints have limited mobility. Stretching is supposed to reduce muscle tension, prevent contractures, and simply relax us.

Skipping this important step leads not only to soreness or discomfort during daily activities, but also more serious injuries.

Disregarding the post-workout meal

An equally important element in muscle recovery is the so-called post-workout meal. Giving it up is a huge mistake, although it would seem to be the opposite, especially during a diet. You may not realize it, but the human body treats training as a stressful situation – so muscle-building proteins are broken down. A post-workout meal inhibits catabolism, speeds up recovery, improves the effects of exercise and helps build muscle mass.

Remember not to reward yourself with unhealthy snacks – reach for healthy foods that contain sugars and protein

Giving up showers

The obvious reason to bathe after a workout is to wash off the sweat, and in turn, eliminate bad smells. But sometimes you just don’t have time for a shower or you just don’t feel like it and go straight to sleep. This is a mistake! Sweat on the body multiplies bacteria, causes itching and rashes. What’s more, a shower helps you calm down and recuperate your muscles. So don’t delay a visit to the bathroom.

Improper hydration

Drinking water during your workout is just as important as drinking it afterwards. So, don’t forget to provide yourself with the right amount of fluids while resting as well. By doing so, you will positively affect your vision, digestion, skin elasticity and blood circulation.

It is very important to refrain from consuming alcohol for at least two hours after exercising. High alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body, and besides, they contain a lot of calories.

Too little sleep

During sleep the human body not only recovers, but also gains muscle mass, produces hormones and burns fat. Therefore, having a late night or too little sleep (4-5 hours) has a very negative impact on your physical and mental well-being

What can you expect if you don’t rest long enough after training?

  • Lack of strength,
  • an increased craving for sweets,
  • fluctuations in appetite,
  • unsatisfactory diet results,
  • a disturbed metabolism.

To sum up, the moment you roll up your mat or leave the gym does not equal forgetting to train. To stay in shape, sculpt your body and feel healthy, you need to avoid the mistakes mentioned above. Then you will immediately notice a positive change in your well-being.

Main photo: Jonathan Borba/unsplash.com

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