How do you exercise your biceps? Here are the best tips

How do you exercise your biceps? Here are the best tips
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The biceps, or biceps-arm muscle, is one of the most frequently and most eagerly trained body parts by men. Its sizeable girth can impress – not only women. Training in this case should be both effective and safe. After all, we do not need injuries and unpleasant micro-traumas. How to exercise biceps? We suggest.

Why is the biceps important?

It is referred to as a ”show muscle”, but this is not the most important. If we want to exercise this part of the body, we should look at its anatomy. Biceps, as the name suggests, consists of:

  • the long head of the biceps with the supra-scapular nodule of the scapula,
  • the short head of the biceps with the coracoid process of the scapula.

However, there are times when someone may have four or even six heads of biceps, which translates into strength. It is characteristic of the biceps muscle that it acts on the shoulder joint (bending the arm) and the elbow joint (bending and turning the arm)

Biceps training: what is worth remembering?

First of all, it is suggested to train all the muscles, not only the biceps themselves, which for many people are a priority. Why? In order to properly mobilize our hormonal economy for muscle growth

Frequency of biceps training

You can’t train your biceps all the time – giving them time to grow is essential. Rest is necessary, especially if you additionally do, for example, back training, where the biceps are also used. It is also necessary to improve the exercise technique. It is not advisable to put too much strain on the elbow joint, which is quite delicate and prone to injuries. Accuracy and regularity are more important

What else to remember? Nutrition

Without a proper diet, biceps volume gains will not be impressive. It is necessary to provide the body with vitamins, minerals and building blocks in the form of protein

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

Biceps exercises – the basics

Biceps training should consist of exercises with free weights. It will do us good to flex our arms with a barbell in a standing or sitting position. We can also successfully use dumbbells. Two types of exercises will be useful here: arm bending and hammer bending with dumbbells

What do we want to achieve?

In simple words: it is about such an increase of muscle mass that a bulge of biceps muscle occurs. Then its circumference will increase, resulting in wider shoulders. This is the main goal of most men who decide to work out in the gym. Why do many of them fail to achieve their goal? The culprit is, of course, ”straw enthusiasm” and the wrong choice of exercises and technique. Overloading and training too hard are cardinal mistakes in this case

What for beginners?

It is recommended to combine exercises with barbells and dumbbells. This will allow symmetrical muscle development and avoid disproportions. The series should include a higher number of repetitions – preferably from 10 to 12. Exercises can also be performed at home. Then dumbbells can be replaced by other heavy objects. It is important that their weight is the same. It is also a good idea to pull yourself up on a bar with a pull-up using the work of your biceps

Examples of biceps exercises. Which ones are worth doing?

Some exercises for biceps muscle stimulate the growth of triceps muscle volume, which affects the shape of our arms. So what exercises are worth doing?

  • pull-ups – we exercise both biceps and triceps. It is worth performing them in three series of ten repetitions; we should keep the interval of 60 seconds between series;
  • hammer raises with dumbbells – heavy objects found at home (e.g. bottles with sand) may be used for this exercise. In this case, three series are also recommended, but with a greater number of repetitions (up to 30 in one series); obligatory 60 seconds of rest between series;
  • diamond push-ups – four series of 10 repetitions with 60 seconds rest between series;
  • push-ups on chairs – they exercise biceps and triceps. Four series of 10 repetitions are performed. With time, you can increase the number of repetitions to 15 or even 20

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

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